EuroSwap EDEX Presented the Team and Went Straight Into the Main Development Phase

“We wanted to change Europe for a new digital world. The support of our project by so many people proves that Europe is ready to take this global step”.

Austin Welsh – CEO & Co-Founder of EuroSwap EDEX

Rarely are crypto projects so responsible and punctual to the community. EuroSwap completed the very first stage of the project’s development, keeping its word on every step of progress. Final chord was reached with the introduction of the team. It was a pleasure to get to know all the top developers, organizers and managers involved in the project. EDEX leaders were welcomed warmly by the community.

Briton Austin Welsh, a graduate from IET Engineering University, was the original founder of the project. She worked as a BACS representative, which is one of Britain’s biggest financial institutions. This company is involved in the development and maintenance of UK payment systems for over 50 years. This experience will certainly help in the development of the project, which is going to become a European “bridge” between crypto and the euro. Mr. Welsh reportedly developed his first digital program at the age of 13 – just a year older than Elon Musk did – and he hasn’t stopped building projects and companies since.

Mr. Welsh’s right-hand man is Frenchman Daniel Moreau, who is Chief Financial Officer and responsible for developing the commercial component of the EuroSwap EDEX project. The developers claim that the initial idea was to create a decentralized exchange, with some advantages over other competitors. Daniel proposed the idea of creating the first DEX connected to the euro fiat portal. This project is now a global digital success story. With a background in banking with technology & telecoms clients, Daniel is leveraging his experience to set the financial strategic objectives for EuroSwap next phases of growth.

Global marketing is handled by Swedish Nathan Pierson. Nathan Pierson is an experienced blockchain marketing specialist, and a trader and crypto enthusiast since the beginning of 2017. Nathan comes from Layer 1 of the DeFi projects and is well-versed in current marketing trends.

It is clear that EuroSwap’s international team includes people from many European nations. This makes EDEX a European DEX exchange that is truly global and links to the euro.

Journey of the Priority Session Phase

On November 6, 2021, the public began to develop EuroSwap EDEX. All began when the EDEX developers made available publicly a fully functioning technology for the smart contract. This will be the base of the future DEX technology. After conducting all necessary testing on the BSC network, the team submitted the technology for audit to companies. A project team expects to get an audit decision very soon in 2022. That will provide a huge confidence boost. Within the first week, the project filed a test swap to convert the first pair of EDEX/BUSD. This further confirmed the technology’s readiness to process smart contracts.

The MVP was approved and the developers began to seek investments. In fact, they launched a startup on the ready-made BSC contract system and invited the so-called Business Angels – participants of the project’s early venture investment stage – to participate in the project. The investors were offered favorable conditions for participation, as well as large shares of EDEX digital bonds, which guaranteed participation in the company’s profits. In just one month, more than 500 Business Angels joined the EDEX project.

EuroSwap established information zones across the major media platforms, including Telegram, Twitter and YouTube. A large-scale promotion campaign was conducted in all major media outlets. It attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of Europeans, and about 10,000 subscribers already follow the project’s social networks.

EDEX launches a new stage in its development, with great speed

Last weekend, the Priority Session was completed and EDEX token distribution began. Team members will now focus their efforts on increasing the trust and security of EDEX token distribution. With the introduction of key members of the team, they began the new phase. And that decision opens the door for them to apply to be added to Coinmarketcap Calendars & CoinGecko lists. EDEX will be listed on at least one of these list if it passes a strict compliance review by crypto market analysts.

One of the main arguments for early participation in EuroSwap EDEX can be found in its unique Early Staking, which offers rewards up to 1500% per annum. EDEX token holders will have the opportunity to make extra income at any stage, even early in the Staking phase. This tool is expected to be ready for use by the end of January 2022, according to developers. The project will see gradual price rises until then. Early transitions to next development phases are possible at this stage if there is a great deal of demand. EDEX early sale is receiving less than 15% from the 746,000,000 EDEX token issued. EuroSwap Business Angels have already received about half of this volume.

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