Blockasset Announces BLOCK Public Sale, Rekindles Athlete-fan Relations in Post-pandemic Space

These NFTs, which are sent by close-knit sports communities, include stars of teams, leagues, and players. The big “calling” for fans is how they can get closer to their favorite athletes, collaborate with them and even have an impact on some of their decisions. Blockchain is the enabler for all of this, and Blockasset is what blockchain looks like when it’s an adrenaline-pumped fan shouting “LET’S GO!!!”.

Aiming to connect star athletes and clubs with their fans via cutting-edge tech, Blockasset sets up collaborations with major sports celebrities, builds a community of fans and fan-vestors, and brings real utility to NFTs, fan tokens, and $BLOCK – the staple token of the platform.

Are there any benefits to investors, fans and athletes?

Blockasset allows famous athletes to create their NFT collections. It also helps them build a strong network among the energetic user base.

With many victories to its credit, this model has stood strong. On two occasions, the NFT collections broke the sales records on Solana: when Giorgio Chiellini rolled out his “Gladiator” set in July and when “Legends” NFTs dropped in the first week of November. Five famous athletes were brought together by Legends, including Alexander Ovechkin and Muhammad Ali. The entire collection of fungibles was sold within nine minutes and accounted for $5 million.

Discord servers VIP Membership, exclusive merchandise draws, and closed-door AMAs (with athletes) are just a few of the many perks that fans can enjoy. Uncovering the immense power of the “collaborative economy”, Blockasset lets users participate in fantasy leagues with athletes, and influence their decisions about signings and other joined projects. Users are thus incentivized and encouraged to acquire tokens that meet their needs, as well as keep themselves active in the community.

Sports-focused assets are available to those who want to invest in the sport. It’s not even disruption, but just “ruption”, as new investors are drawn into the space with anti-inflationary and uniqueness that NFTs have. Users can purchase $BLOCK using fiat, making it easy for them to sign up. With sports platforms like Blockasset, early adopters get the chance to leverage the potential of the nascent sector – before the majority of fans and collectors even get a whiff about the new opportunities that mix up a fervor of pro sports and innovation.

$BLOCK: Internal token that includes embedded utilities

When it comes to technology, the utility reigns supreme. However, the community is king. The $BLOCK internal utility token allows access to all functions and features on the platform. Users are constantly using and staking $BLOCK to increase the value of the token.

Holders of $BLOCK may stake the token to receive a steady stream of ASSET – another token used to access specific features within the ecosystem. Those who pay with $BLOCK on the NFT internal marketplace will also enjoy substantial discounts

Apart from that, $BLOCK can be used to manage the platform, including making decisions about where it would take its features. Users have the ability to vote on different aspects related to their favorite athletes.

The $BLOCK feature Play-to Earn will launch in the second quarter of 2022. It is expected to increase engagement between fans, investors, and celebrities. The project’s whitepaper envisions independent universes of games and NFTs developed by specific companies and clubs, all under the aegis of Blockaccess.

According to the platform’s representatives, the public sale of $BLOCK will take place on December 9 on DaoMaker, Solanium and Raydium. Only 3.84 Million tokens are available to purchase from the total supply.

Segment-specific NFTs are attracting more attention

NFTs that target specific markets, like music and sports, are increasingly being noticed by investors. As the market discovers new use cases and markets become more fragmented, this is natural. Because of the low barrier to entry, the easier interaction and the ease with which they can be reached, sports is clearly one such niche.

Through leaderboards and NFT trading, staking and play-to earn, as well as supporting initiatives from athletes, the community will find new ways to harness $BLOCK’s power. More use cases means more potential for upward price dynamics.

Don’t miss the boat on this amazing project, and consider taking part in the $BLOCK public sales on December 9. More information is available at the official website. Follow for updates. Blockasset’s Twitter account – some serious buzz is happening there.


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