XRC20 Tokens — A Multiple DEX Support on XinFin XDC Network

XDC Network is a better option than Ethereum Network. It offers near-zero transaction cost, 2000 TPS per second settlements, and lower energy use.

eXchange inFinite, also known as XinFin, has created the XDC Network to enable hybrid relay bridges that have immediate block finality and are compatible with ISO 20022 standards for financial communication.

With the XinFin Network’s DEX support for XRC20 tokens, many new projects may join the market immediately after development. Let’s look at two new XDC Network DEX, GlobianceDex, and XSwap.

Globiance Dex

Globiance DEX was released December 8, 2021. It is the first automatic market maker (AMM), on the XDC Blockchain.

GlobianceDex offers Swap and allows its users to use crypto trading benefits of DEX built upon XinFin Network. Globiance members may choose to include additional tokens in the Globiance default token token list. Github allows users to provide feedback and the development team can respond.

While waiting for the token’s evaluation, any token can be traded. Users just put the custom token address in the token list and click “Add” to trade. After approval, a token can be added to the default token list. Trading pools for it are also available.

On XDC Network there are XDC native currency(XDC), WXDC [wrapped XDC], GBEX (“Globiance native token”), and USDG (“globiance stable coins”). SRX – StorX Network utility Token, and all the coins mentioned above are now available on GlobianceDEX.


XSwap operates on the XDC Network and is a decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency exchange for XRC20 tokens. The XDC Swap will use the XDC Coin as an interlink, similar to Ethereum in Uniswap AMM.

XSWAP (AMM) is an AMM that relies on liquidity pools created by users to facilitate crypto exchanges. To collect LP reward, liquidity providers will place their XRC-20 tokens into pools.

Farming is the best option to earn passive income for cryptocurrency enthusiasts at all levels. XSWAP also features a native staking option. To allow users to transfer liquidity from one coin into another, rather than liquidity farming.

XSwap offers a developer-friendly Blockchain with Github documentation and resources. It simplifies complex blockchain tasks and improves the developer experience.

The MyWish platform simplifies the development of smart contracts for XDC Network by providing modules that allow for token contract generation and airdrop launch.

New developments from XDC Network reveal the current phase of the fastest growing XDC Ecosystem. As per CoinmarketCap.com, the current price of XDC was 0.071 USD as of the writing of this article.


Image: Pixabay

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