What Is Flickto ISPO And Why You Should Stake Your ADA To FLICK

Flickto, a decentralized launchpad for media funding on the Cardano Blockchain is called Flickto. The first of its kind project allows people to both fund media projects and make huge returns. Flickto is already a huge success, with more than 4.5million ADA staked in the ISPO by over 530 delegations.

Project brings everyone closer to funding of media projects. It also gives them the ability to decide which projects are funded. Flickto users have the ability to vote on projects that they wish to see funded.

The ISPO has been gaining popularity among ADA delegations who flock to it to get FLICK tokens. Strategically, the unique Cardano media launchpad will be one of Cardano’s most popular ISPOs.

Flickto: What’s the point?

Delegators are looking for a new place to use all that ADA since the conclusion of MELD. This was an undoubtedly success ISPO on Cardano’s Cardano network. Delegators have been so successful that they are now looking for other ways to apply their ADA. Flickto is the perfect place.

Flickto’s ISPO features some of the most generous returns presently in the space. The FLICK bonus of 10% to 15% was given to early delegators for staked ADA. Now, ISPO delegators are getting 5% FLICK bonus to match the highest ISPO returns.

Flickto stands out as a unique project. Flickto is the first Cardano-based media launchpad to hit the market. This makes it an extremely valuable project for anyone looking to start a business.

The project is totally decentralized with 60% of all FLICK tokens – 5 billion in total, going directly to the public through the ISPO. This is a significant difference from previous projects, where only 30%-40% of tokens are distributed to the public. By doing this FLICK tokens can be distributed to as many people as possible, rather than being kept in the team wallets.

Flickto is supported by a large community, as well as its partners and allies. Flickto launched on November 1st and since then has developed a strong community as well as strategic alliances.

KICK Launchpad noticed Flickto and announced it was launching its Flickto IDO platform. Users can also stake VyFi’s NFTs to earn FLICK tokens. Another partnership is with VyFinance decentralized finance protocol.

Be Poised for Success

Flickto’s success so far since its launch is a testament to the promise of the project. Flickto has partnered with VyFinance and KICK to become one of the most popular Cardano-based launchpads.

FLICK token holders who hold and stake FLICK tokens can vote on their preferred projects. After launch, they will also be able to earn distribution royalty payments from projects they funded. Each round of voting allows users to vote for one project that will receive funding. Users who have more FLICK tokens than others will get more weight.

Flickto links creators with their customers, who in turn, offer a platform to talented content creators for funding and recognition.


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