Top 3 Reasons Why Cradles Will Make You Want To Try The Metaverse

The metaverse is quickly becoming a household term. Although virtual reality is an innovation that has existed for some time, it’s only just now beginning to take hold.

A lot of the recent success in the metaverse is due to gamers earning while they enjoy this growing virtual reality. As more projects are released, however, the trend has been to repeat itself, with many users becoming frustrated with the repetitive titles and little creativity.

While there are some who have had success using these tedious systems in the past, the shifting market trends suggest that the industry needs to make changes if it wants to attract and retain new players. The gaming side of the metaverse needs to be innovative.

When it comes to offering new experiences for their users, some projects are already leading the charge. The new Cradles: Origin of Species blockchain game is redefining the meaning of participation in the metaverse. This game is a complete overhaul of existing gaming systems. It not only brings captivating gameplay and characters but also changes the way utility is viewed when it comes non-fungible tokens.

The New Metaverse

Cradles Origin of Species, the first ever time-lapsing metaverse, is now available. The game world basically has a life of its own, tagged as a “living, breathing virtual world that continues to evolve and process, simulating the laws of time and physics just like in real life.” This unique approach to building a virtual world that feels real and mirrors the characteristics that make the real world so compelling sets Cradles apart from the rest.

Although it incorporates some aspects from the metaverse, Cradles is primarily a game. Cradles captures the kind of experience that converts newcomers to returning players.

Cradles Metaverse has a world that includes a city, an adventure zone and a map. The metaverse allows all visitors to the world to be completely free to choose how they want to live. It is home to the extinct species that once inhabited this planet. Players can take on the form of extinct animals, injecting themselves into them, or they may choose what their preference is. The possibilities of being a mammoth and a dinosaur are limitless.

Building for the Community

Many metaverse projects have failed because of their inability connect to their communities. This is the heart of an ecosystem. When they feel not valued and heard, they abandon projects, causing all other components to fall apart. Cradles places a lot of emphasis on community and makes this world an ownership-owned project.

Users don’t need to invest a lot upfront in NFTs, unlike many other projects. Cradles offers different options for players to take part in the game, even if their NFTs are not expensive.

It is the first significant development to integrate the community. Cradles is a blockchain-based subscription game that has already made its mark, just like other pioneers. To access the game, players simply have to buy a monthly card.

Another unique way for users to participate is the “Staking Into NFTs” (SIN) innovation. By letting players stake into NFTs owned by their favorite streamer, this mechanism allows them to make more in-game. If a group stakes in the NFT for a player it gives the player an additional boost. Also, all who participated are eligible to share the victory.

Notable is also the fact that in-game transactions are subject to a 0% transaction charge. This means that players can easily buy, sell, or move things around in the game for free with no hassles, as long as it’s a small transaction. Only a small fee will be charged for transactions involving valuable items.

A World of Entropy Growing

Cradles’ metaverse introduces a new metaverse, the Cradles Metaverse. It is the first ever blockchain game to have an entropy-increasing universe. The game’s worlds aren’t everlasting, this is what it means. When it comes to urban areas and ecosystems, they follow the exact same routine as in the real world. These rules are essential to ensure that the planet is safe and secure.

Worlds can operate up to the limit of chaos by using the ever-increasing entropy feature. After the chaos has reached its peak, the world will close down. It will then reopen once it is stable enough to function as usual. All players lose any benefits and staked coins when a world is shut down. It incentivized players to take care of the world, like finishing renovations and helping other characters (NCPs), as well as punishing anyone who breaks the rules.

Cradles has shown us that the metaverse can be viewed differently. Even non-gamers can find the metaverse appealing because of its features.



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