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PRICE RELEASE In the face of financial regulators’ overall negative attitude toward digital assets, P2P marketplaces have become the platforms of choice across Africa. Many P2P currency exchange providers have noticed Kenya as the leader in P2P crypto exchange. Bitpapa is among them and has recently entered Kenyan cryptocurrency markets.

Bitpapa, a P2P global marketplace with a presence around the globe, has offered cryptocurrency trading services for over a decade. Only a matterof time until it entered Kenya’s highly profitable cryptocurrency market.

Bitpapa allows users to trade Bitcoin, TON and Monero for Kenyan shillings in a secure and private P2P environment Telegram bots are unique among cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Users can register with their email addresses and enjoy the convenience of being able to use it immediately. There is no need to provide ID or confirm with a number. After activating an account, users can immediately start trading by clicking a link in their email. You can trade as much or little as you like daily even though your account is not activated.

Bitpapa’s policy outlines fair and equal treatment for account users. To assist with queries or issues, the friendly support team is always available to you.

Marketplace protects trades, no matter who the buyer is. Bitpapa allows users to buy cryptocurrency and can guarantee that the seller will honor the transaction. A user can lock their cryptocurrency in escrow to prevent malicious traders from taking advantage of it. If the seller doesn’t release coins once paid, a user can start a dispute, and then the marketplace intervenes.

The sellers will release the coins only once they have received payment. Buyers bear the proof burden. The buyer has to prove that he/she paid the seller in accordance with the details.

Trades can be either completed and paid to the counterparts or cancelled without anyone losing any.

P2P marketplaces can be used as remittance service. Bitpapa allows you to make instant internal transfers.These can be used by a user to send coins to other users. All wallet addresses remain the same – Bitpapa knows which belongs to the marketplace and automatically distinguishes between internal and external addresses.

Moreover, Telegram Bot – powerful and easy to useBitpapa code can be created by users and given to friends and customers. To top up their account on Bitpapa, users can redeem the codes via Bitpapa.

Bitpapa’s launch in Kenya has accelerated the market competition. Worldwide cryptocurrencies are a popular choice for Kenyans, and Bitpapa hopes to become their preferred platform for trading and exchange.


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