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Toda City in Saitama prefecture is using metaverse-based methods to combat the problem of absenteeism Japan has. Children can visit virtual schools and take classes online. They are also preparing for their return to regular school.

Toda City is fighting against Absenteeism with Metaverse Tools

As part of therapeutic and educational processes, the metaverse is being harnessed. Toda City in Japan uses metaverse-based tools to combat school absenteeism. Children with attendance issues are being helped by an app that was created last year by a non-profit. It allows them to roam in virtual reality.

Children can visit a virtual school and learn from virtual teachers. They are then ready to return to their regular classrooms. This is at least what the city officials want. They also propose to include these metaverse classes in regular school time if they are approved by their principal.

Five-year old fifth grader who is almost two years old said that it was easier to connect and communicate online with people than in real life. Sugimori Masayuki, head of the city’s education center, hopes that children in this program will be able to live independently at some point.

Japan is experiencing a lot of school absenteeism. The education ministry of Japan recently conducted a survey and found that 249,940 students went without school attendance for at least 30 days. Officials believe this could be due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the impact it had on the relationships between children and others.

Japanese media also cited the Covid-19 environment as one possible cause of record-breaking student suicides in 2020.

Virtual Worlds and Education

Many educational institutions in different areas of the world have adopted the metaverse to teach. The University of Tokyo revealed in July that they will offer a number of courses in metaverse engineering later in the year. The University of Nanjing in China is set to establish a metaverse major to help train people who can then take on metaverse-related positions.

In September, 10 universities announced that they are already building their digital campuses in collaboration with Meta. This was part of the $150 million Immersive Learning Project. Similar to the U.S., the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology announced in July that they had created a metaverse campus for students who cannot attend regular classes.

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