Dogecoin Records 10-Week Peak, ETH Gains Momentum And Other Altcoins Gain

Recent price movements have been positive. Crypto market has seen a surge in bullishness as Bitcoin and Dogecoin leapt to new heights, something previously thought impossible.

Ethereum recorded gains also for the first-ever time since its merger. But, it is important to remember that the upgrade had already been priced before its implementation. ETH fell from being the second most popular crypto to see gains, and now sits at $1,300.

Other altcoins weren’t performing better following the continuous Feds interest rate hike due to the inflation. Dogecoin DOGE is now showing positive momentum after the October 25th tides.

Dogecoin leads price gains

The current leader in price gains is the memcoin DOGE. In the following 24 hours, however, crypto prices soared significantly, with the cryptocurrency reaching its peak of 10 weeks.

Dogecoin tried to sustain the gain but couldn’t. Later, it started a downtrend which resulted in a 14% price increase. Surprisingly DOGE remains the leader in crypto markets despite its lower levels. DOGE has pushed its price up to $0.08596, while other crypto market leaders are doing the same in price growth over an hour, 24 hours, or seven day period.

The price push for DOGE came after Elon Musk visited Twitter’s HQ. Musk, a strong supporter of memecoins, is not to be forgotten. Dogecoin’s price is affected by activities involving the billionaire.

Dogecoin Records 10-Week Peak, ETH Gains Momentum And Other Altcoins Gain – DOGE skies and moon l DogeUSDT

BTC at $21K Level

Bitcoin’s price, currently at $19K, rose as the market rallied. Surprise of all, Bitcoin surpassed the $21k level on October 26. Analysts link the price rise to reports suggesting that the Bank of Canada could relax its interest rates.

BTC’s current price is $20,695, a small gain. BTC is still above $20K, even though it has increased from its October 26 peak.

Rally for Ethereum and Other Altcoins

Many altcoins weren’t left out during the brief price rally. Ethereum rose from its $1350 price point to just above $1500 in the crypto market.

ETH currently has a price above $1,600. This increase is impressive, given that the coin hasn’t reacted positively since its September 15 upgrade. Others cryptocurrencies have also seen significant price drops, but digital assets remain in red.

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