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PRICE RELEASE The promise of privacy and decentralization made digital currency a big deal in 2010. Most crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase are CEXs. They are central exchange platforms that offer custodial wallets for users as well as collecting their user data. No privacy, no user control, and no genuine decentralization – that’s what the CEX use is.

In the latter half of 2010, crypto-lovers moved on to the introduction of automated market-making (AMM) technology that would take out the central authority from the exchange process. The idea was proposed by Vitalik Buterin and found its realization first in Bancor (early 2018) and then in Uniswap – a DEX released in late 2018.

Over 300 decentralized online exchanges offer peer-to-peer trading opportunities via smart contracts. DEXs rapidly gained in popularity and now have over 300 members. $1 trillion in trading volume in 2021 – an 858% increase compared to the 2020 stats. Uniswap is the undisputed leader of decentralized finance markets, accounting for 75% (as late as 2021) of total volume. Uniswap V3, its latest version launched in 2021. The new version introduced exciting features and improved capital efficiency 4,000x. This has made its cryptocurrency liquidity pool one the most stable, reliable, and secure in the DEX space.

What is TheTrade?

TheTrade, a project to expand the liquidity of Uniswap v3 will provide users with margin trading and spot orders. This way, TheTrade’s users enjoy the combined advantages of Uniswap V3’s massive liquidity and additional functionality.

This project is currently undergoing the seed round, intelligent contract audit and the Q4 2022 Audit. Initial features are limited to margin trading or limit orders. Here is the 2023 roadmap:

  • Beta launch
  • A user-friendly dashboard was added
  • Integrating leverage farming features
  • Launch the Polygon and Aurora mainnets
  • Extensions of product functionality for the NEAR protocol

TheTrade: What are the benefits? featuresFor trading, it is quite a different experience to what you experienced at CEXs like Binance and a number of DEXs. There are two main cons to DEXs: low liquidity and the high possibility of price slippage. CEXs also have high market limit and centralization as well as fees for order placement.

TheTrade offers a solution to all these issues. Here you enjoy:

  • Uniswap V3 offers massive liquidity
  • A novel margin trading protocol that utilizes the isolated UniswapV3 liquidity to limit margin orders.
  • Smart leverage farming to make passive income using your crypto assets
  • Automated limit orders that Uniswap V3 doesn’t support.
  • You will be charged a high commission for liquidity provision.

Because none of the existing DEXs combine these features under one roof, they are exclusive to them. Even Uniswap V3, a well-known leader in the DEX niche, doesn’t feature limit orders, which means that users can only complete transactions based on the currently offered price.

Is it possible?

Now let’s see how everything works on TheTrade. The beta version will be available in the first quarter of 2023 and supports two main functions – spot limit orders and margin trading. These can be used by the following users:

A limit order is a request to the system that allows users to purchase assets at a specified price. This price can be lower than the market. A user might want to purchase 1 Ethereum for $1100, while the price of its sale is $1250. A user orders $1,100 for 1 ETH and then sends the money to the liquidity pool. The money stays there and adds to the system’s liquidity until a user cancels the order or the price reaches the range you specify. Once the transaction has been completed, users receive the asset purchased and a commission to ensure liquidity. This is calculated using transparent formulas. Spot limit trading on TheTrade also uses a new role – the executor. Executing orders can help users earn extra income.

Users are leveraged from TheTrade’s liquidity pools. Every margin limit order operates in the exact same manner as a spot order on TheTrade. Users will be rewarded for providing liquidity to the Uniswap v3 pools (depending upon the pool, from 0.01% up to 1%). Also, margin trading on TheTrade uses two new roles – executor and liquidator. Executing orders can help users earn extra income.

With The Trade, embrace the DEX potential

TheTrade is an important player in the crypto trading industry. TheTrade charges a fee to limit orders, which is in contrast with traditional exchanges. It’s no magic or scam; it’s the way the system can reward users for adding liquidity to a pool for the time they’re waiting for their limit order to be filled.

Thus, TheTrade’s unique benefits are end-to-end protection from price slippage, sandwich attacks or manipulation typical for many DEXs, and full transparency of your activities.

TheTrade doesn’t use any external resources to fulfill a limit order like competitors and does not charge commissions for using external resources. TheTrade is offering new opportunities for users to make extra money by creating roles in its community. In addition, it means that TheTrade’s cash flow remains within the community. Implementing their order execution system allows for a decentralized approach to DEX limits orders.

Enjoy trading on flexible terms and never pay extra – that’s possible with TheTrade.

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