Cardano Finds Breathing Room At $0.35 Support

Cardano seems to be in line with Ethereum and Bitcoin, as it is observing price increases on its intraday charts.

  • Cardano lost the crucial $0.41 support range, and instead settled on the $0.36 support mark.
  • ADA will trade between $.0403 and $0.416 over the next few days
  • Cardano addresses expand despite bearish sentiments

Monitoring starting CoingeckoThe smart contract token trades at $0.371, an increase of almost 1% in price over a 24-hour period.

However, altcoin is continuing to struggle. The Altcoin remains in the Red Zone on its 7 and 14 day metrics. They fell by 7.6% and 13.3%.

As the cryptocurrency attempts to rebound from its failure to maintain the crucial $0.41 support mark, traders, investors and holders are closely watching the price movements.

Although it looked like the asset was headed for another big fall, the asset managed to stay within a range that could be crucial in setting the trends of its next rally.

Cardano Hangs On To $0.35 Support 

As seen from Cardano’s trading chart, the Bollinger band (blue line) continued to drop as ADA failed to hold the critical $0.41. Only after reaching $0.35, did it stop.


Meanwhile, the crypto’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) tallied a low value of 23.4 which indicated Cardano was in oversold position and is primed for a price uptick.

If ADA is able to maintain its support marker, ADA will probably see a spike of $0.403- $0.416 over the coming days. This will allow the token and other members to begin their own recovery.

If Cardano does not hold the position, bears may be able to profit from it as ADA could fall all of the way down to $0.336.

ADA addresses grow despite low value

Cardano hit a new high in September 2021 when it reached $3.09. But, crypto lost 80% of its value already and has continued to struggle for $1 marker.

Retail investors are not likely to lose heart despite the enormous price declines that the asset is experiencing since reaching its ATH.

There is a notable increase in ADA addresses which indicates that crypto continues to be of interest to crypto enthusiasts.

Holders of 100 to 1,000 Cardano tokens are now accounting for 1.15% of the network’s circulating supply, going up by 0.23% from the previous tally of 0.92%.

In the meantime, a nearly identical rise was also seen in holders of 1000 to 10,000 ADA Coins. This grew by 0.59%.

ADA Market Cap at $12 Billion on Daily Chart | Featured image from Shutterstock, Chart:

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