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Liquid, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, allows traders to trade, buy and sell bitcoin technology. 

Quoine, the parent company behind Liquid was founded in Tokyo, Japan in 2014. The company is now one of the most popular cryptocurrency-fiat exchanges, with millions of users worldwide. Liquid often ranks in the Top Ten Crypto Exchanges according to volume trading bitcoin and Japanese yen.

Our Liquid review is designed to teach everything you need to know about the Liquid crypto exchange, its features, and benefits to help you decide if it’s suitable to your needs. Before diving into the details, let’s see some high-level pros and cons of the platform on the top of this article.

Liquid Exchange Services

This is the primary service. LiquidThe platform offers its users the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, with or without fiat currency. The platform has a visually appealing user interface that’s also simple and easy to use, and it’s also famous for its informative and helpful trading charts.

liquid spot trading

Liquid allows margin trading up to 25x. However, remember that this margin trading service doesn’t apply when you trade crypto pairs. Liquid offers the Liquid loan feature that allows users to loan assets to margin traders, and then earn money at pre-defined interest rates.

Liquid allows spot trading, as well four types of advanced orders, such as limit, market and stop.

Liquid Earn is a platform that allows you to get incentives for your Liquid cryptocurrency balance. Select your preferred cryptocurrency and click “Earn” to begin collecting benefits.

Quick Exchange is another tool that you may find useful. It allows easy trading of fiat money and digital assets. Additionally, new users can trade with it without needing to access advanced trading platforms.

You can also create FIO addresses with Liquid to improve the efficiency and usability of crypto wallets and exchanges.

Finally, Liquid offers a special “Infinity” feature specifically designed for people interested in betting on the value of certain cryptocurrencies instead of owning and using them. This feature allows you trade Bitcoin CFDs at up to 100x leverage.

A well-designed, user-friendly and intuitive mobile application is offered by the exchange for both Android and iOS. All trading options available online are covered by the app.

Liquid Pro’s mobile app is completely free to download via the App Store and Google Play Store. 

Supported Countries

Liquid has enlisted the help of Financial Action Task Force and other intergovernmental organizations to manage its Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), and policies.

Liquid, which is known for its quality, can be purchased worldwide. Other than forAfghanistan, Albania. Barbados. Botswana. Cambodia. Central African Republic. Congo. Democratic Republic. Cuba. Ghana. Guam. Iran. Jamaica. North Korea. Mauritius. Myanmar. Nicaragua. Pakistan. Panama. Puerto Rico. Samoa. Somalia. South Sudan. Sudan. Syria. Uganda. Virgin Islands. (US), Yemen.

You cannot also use Liquid Prns in China. Japanese users are not allowed to use Liquid Prns. However, Liquid Lite is an alternative. As far as U.S.-based users are concerned, they aren’t allowed to create an account. 

Supported Currencies

Liquid supports many fiat and crypto currencies.

Trades can be made with USD, JPY and SGD.

It supports over a hundred cryptocurrencies including BTC (ETH), IOTA, CEL and LTC as well.

The Liquid Exchange supports several trading pairs, including REDI/USDT and BTC/JPY. ETH/JPY. GXT/BTC. USDT/SDG. BTC/USDT. RFOX/ETH. BTC/SGD. CEL/BTC. XSGD/SGD.

Supported Payment Methods

You can buy foreign currencies using Liquid. VISA and debit cards are also available as immediate buying options. However, fees may be higher in some countries. 

Liquid Trading Fees

To reward the most active traders, Liquid Fee Structure is built on lower trading fees. The platform’s trading fees can drop to zero for payments made using QASH, USDTZUSD or ZUSDUSD or USDCUSD.

Referring new users can earn you a 30% commission for trading fees.

See below for the Liquid Trading Fees.

30 days trading volume (USD)
Maker Taker
≧$0 0.0000% 0.3000%
≧$10,000 0.2000% 0.2900%
≧$20,000 0.1900% 0.2800%
≧$50,000 0.1800% 0.2600%
≧$100,000 0.1600% 0.2000%
≧$1 million 0.0800% 0.1600%
≧$5 million 0.0700% 0.1200%
≧$10 million 0.0500% 0.1000%
≧$25 million 0.0000% 0.0900%
≧$50 million 0.0000% 0.0800%
≧$100 million 0.0000% 0.0700%
≧$200 million 0.0000% 0.0600%
≧$500 million 0.0000% 0.0400%
≧$1 billion 0.0000% 0.0300%

Liquid doesn’t charge any fees for fiat deposits. Instead, Liquid credits to the users any money it receives from banks or payment processors. The platform’s processors and banks are:

Devise Type Bank Fee
[For users with BCB and BLINC accounts only]
USD SEN Silvergate (SEN)
[For users with Silvergate and SEN accounts only]
USD SWIFT Silvergate 0

Fiat withdrawal fees

Devise Fees for withdrawal of liquid Bank processing fee Maximum withdrawal fees Time Limit for Daily Processing: Monday-Friday
AUD 0.1% of the withdrawal amount
Minimum fee: 15 AUD
$30 $15 AUD + $30 USDe 3:00 PM JST

[For users with BCB and BLINC accounts only]

Absolutely no fees Absolutely no fees Absolutely no fees NA (near-real-time 24/7/365).
EUR (Non SEPA) 50 EUR 0 50 EUR 6PM JST
HKD 0.1% of the withdrawal amount
Minimum Fee of 100 HKD
$30 100 HKD + 3 USDe 3:00 PM JST
[For users with BCB and BLINC accounts only]
Absolutely no fees Absolutely no fees Absolutely no fees NA (near-real-time 24/7/365).
BCB: JPY Absolutely no fees 7000 JPY 7000 JPY 6PM JST
JPY via FEIB 0.1% of the withdrawal amount
Minimum fee 1500 JPY
$30 1500 JPY plus 30 USDe 3:00 PM JST
SGD through FEIB 0.1% of the withdrawal amount
Minimum charge of 15 SGD
$30 15. SGD + 30 USDe 3:00 PM JST
SGD via StraitsX 0.55% 0 Minimum of 4 SGD, maximum 30 SGD  NA (near-real-time 24/7/365).
[For users with Silvergate and SEN accounts only]
Absolutely no fees Absolutely no fees Absolutely no fees NA (near-real-time 24/7/365).
USD 50 US Dollars 0 50 US Dollars 5:45 PM PST (11 AM JST).

There are also no Liquid withdrawal charges for withdrawing cryptocurrency from Liquid wallets.

Liquid Exchange Security 

The Japan Financial Services Agency has licensed Liquid as a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange platform. Liquid has a solid track record as a compliance business that follows laws and regulations. Two-factor authentication is used to protect accounts.

Liquid however was the victim of a cyberattack in which hackers stole $97 Million worth digital coins.   

Liquid Customer Support

Liquid makes using it simple and easy. It offers many valuable resources like blogs, articles and FAQs. The company also has an email support service that allows for direct communication via emails. The team usually responds to queries and requests in a matter of hours. 

Final Thoughts

The Liquid crypto exchange is an excellent choice if you want a user-friendly, simple and easy solution. It’s a safe environment with fair fees, available in several countries worldwide, and a friendly and well-functioning mobile application.We hope our Liquid exchange review was helpful for you and that you won’t forget your Liquid to CoinStats to start tracking all your crypto and DeFi from one place!

Liquid Pros
  • A wide range of crypto- and fiat-based trading pairs
  • More than 100 cryptocurrencies can be exchanged
  • Japanese Financial Services Agency has licensed and regulated us
  • Rapid withdrawals
  • Interface that is user-friendly
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Verification is easy and painless
  • Advanced trading

Liquid Cons
  • Trade fees on other exchanges are more expensive than those charged by trading platforms.
  • US users cannot use the service

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