How to Buy USDT Tether: Where, How, and Why

Tether is a crypto-based stablecoin that’s backed with the US dollar. Bitcoin, like most other cryptocurrencies, fluctuate in price based on market demand and supply. USDT tokens however are worth exactly one USD. The Tether token is a good option for investors who don’t want to take on the risk of investing in stock markets.

According to Tether, assets are equal to their currency’s total market value. This means that it holds one USDT worth of assets or cash for every dollar.

Learn everything about Tether and the Tether token.

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Historical History of USDT (Tether).

Since January 2012 when the whitepaper published, we can track the development of USDT. J.R Willett outlined scenarios involving the hosting of new coins on Bitcoin’s Protocol and Blockchain.

Incorporating this concept into a new protocol, Mastercoin was created. This new protocol became the technical basis of Tether. Brock Pierce was actually one of the original founders of this new protocol and later founded Tether.

The precursor token Realcoin was the first to be launched by Tether. Reeve Collins, Craig Sellars and Brock Pierce successfully launched the token on July 14, 2014, via the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Realcoin could function on Bitcoin’s protocol using the Omni Layer Protocol. Reeve Collins announced the coin’s renaming in November 2014.

Tether also announced that it would be entering a beta phase. To this end, the company will test Tether and three fiat currencies (the euro, dollar and yen). The crypto will be fully supported by the fiat currency it uses, without exchange risk.

Bitfinex has added Tether to their list of digital currencies that are supported for trading in January 2015. Tether and Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, have been proven to share the same owners.

The circulating supply for Tether increased from $10 million to $3 billion between January 2017 and September 2018. Tether contributed to close to 10% Bitcoins trading volume in this period. In the middle of 2018, this number was up as high at 80%.

Tether fell to $0.88 due to speculation about credit risks on the 15th October 2018. The Bitfinex platform was host to several transactions in which traders traded USDT for BTC. The price of Bitcoin soared dramatically after that. Tether has been accused of manipulating the Bitcoin market price. 

As of May 2021, Tether’s adjusted on-chain volume surpassed the $1 trillion mark on a yearly basis. This figure includes all value transfers made within a blockchain network.

What is Tether?

Tether, a stable cryptocurrency, is pegged to the U.S. Dollar (hence its acronym USDT). The USDT was designed to help bridge the gap between crypto assets and fiat currencies. It offers transparency, stability and low fees. 

This network issued its token for Bitcoin via the Omni Protocols and Liquid Protocols. It also issued tokens for Tron, Tron and EOS blockchains. One Tether is a USDT unit that can be used as currency.

Because of the unique nature of Tether, it’s pegged to multiple fiat currencies. Because of this, Tether can be operated on different protocols depending upon the blockchain where it was issued.

USDT (Ethernet-based) is a token.

Tether has Proof of Reserves. This means their reserves can be at any given time equal or greater to the amount of Tether currently in circulation. Their website can confirm this. 

Why was Tether (USDT), Created?

Tether was founded with three main goals in mind. To facilitate nationwide real-world currency transfers. Second, a cryptocurrency would be more stable than Bitcoin. A third purpose was to provide an alternative check option. 

Blockchain can verify the amount USDT currently in circulation. This number is then compared with the Tether Limited dollar holdings, which must remain equal at all time. 

To verify balances, transfer reports and withdrawals, external audits may be necessary. 

What is the best way to buy tether?

Below are the steps to purchase USDT.

Step 1. Create an account with a cryptocurrency broker

An investor who is looking to invest in Buy USDTFirst, open an account with a reliable global exchange such as Kraken. It is consistently ranked one of the best and most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Tether, as well as any other cryptos you may wish to buy from an exchange must be available. This means that the broker should offer market access for Tether.

The cryptocurrency broker works in the same way as a stockbroker. You can trade any stock, or coins, you want.

Consider these factors when looking for a broker in cryptocurrency.

Trade Platform

A simple interface and trading tools will allow you to have an enjoyable trading experience. For more experienced traders, you should look for trading platforms with advanced tools such as complex charts and other features.

Asset Access

While several cryptocurrency exchanges allow buying USDT, you’d do well to research the platform you’re registering with to see if it supports your favorite trading pairs.

Commissions and Fees

Before registering with a broker to buy crypto, you’d do well to learn about the commissions and transaction fees involved. Some platforms will charge a premium for trading, while others may charge high fees for buying USDT using a debit or credit card. To avoid paying steep fees and hidden costs, do your research. 

Step #2: Buy a Wallet

Next, you will need to select a crypto wallet after creating an account. The crypto wallets store private keys securely, making your money safe and easily accessible. You can also transfer, receive, and spend cryptocurrency easily.

Your private key, which is an important piece of information that authorizes transactions to be made on the blockchain network, is your private key. Your public keys are shared with other users when they make transactions via the blockchain. Your tokens’ security could be compromised if you share your private keys. 

You can choose from two kinds of eWallets:

Hot Storage: Your keys can be stored in an app, or any other software. This allows you to send, receive, and use your crypto just like an online bank account or payment system. 

Cold StorageA cold wallet is more secure than hot wallets. Your keys are safe and securely stored offline in cold wallets. Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano X, which are hardware wallets, offer the best way to safely store your coins. Ledger lets you have full control over crypto, and allows you access to key services securely.

Step 3: Buy Tether USDT

Next, place your order for Tether.

You can choose a payment option to buy USDT. The payment options available to buy USDT include bank transfer, credit or debit card. You may also trade it with other cryptocurrency assets. Pay attention to hidden costs 

Some exchanges provide an instant buy/sell function, which allows you to purchase Tether in a matter of minutes.

You also have the option to choose from one of the order options listed below.

Market Orders When you place a Market Order, you will be notified The brokerage of the exact number of coins that you wish to buy. Market orders allow you to trade instantly at the lowest price.

A market order does not allow you to set a purchase price. You can instead buy cryptos at the current USDT rate. Market orders are much more common than any other form of trading.

Limit OrdersA limit order allows you to sell or buy security securities at a specified price. The limit price for a buy limit order is the lowest. You can order 500 USDT to be bought at $2. Your order will not be fulfilled if the token’s price is less than $2. 

Coinstats: How do I buy USDT?

CoinStatsThis is the most convenient way to purchase USDT.

Additionally, you have the option to check prices for tokens like PancakeSwap pricesFind out more about the supply of cryptocurrency tokens and key facts about them. 

To create a CoinStats profile, all you have to do is search for USDT. Click on USDT to search for it. Transact USDT. Tether cannot be purchased directly through CoinStats. The platform integrates with Binance so that you can purchase tokens directly. 

Why you should buy tether

The main reason to buy Tether is that it’s a stable coin that’s not susceptible to volatility compared to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. The official Tether site has more details. 


According to market capital, the USDT token is currently ranked 4th in the cryptocurrency market. 

It doesn’t suffer from the extreme volatility of Bitcoin and other altcoins, making it a suitable choice for investment. It is easy to buy USDT, since it supports many platforms. Make sure you track USDT and all other DeFi assets that you may have, if it is yours. CoinStats

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