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Real Madrid soccer club and FC Barcelona have filed trademark applications for elements within the metaverse. They have submitted an application which covers a variety of activities and services they could conduct in the metaverse. This includes a crypto wallet and selling virtual merchandise.

Real Madrid and FC Barcelona interested in Metaverse

To increase revenue and to enhance their fan feedback, many sports teams now move to the metaverse. Two of Spain’s biggest soccer clubs, Real Madrid FC Barcelona and FC Barcelona filed joint trademark applications to provide multiple services in the metaverse.

Michael Kondoudis, Trademark Attorney was the first reportedSocial media reported the August 5th filing of the trademark application. Two clubs could be keen to offer their own crypto wallets, according to the trademark filing. The application also hints at a possible metaverse gaming software, as it makes reference to “virtual reality software.”

This filing refers to both clothing and footwear as virtual apparel.

Crypto Background

Both the crypto world and metaverse are familiar to the two trademark teams that introduced them. Both were involved in NFT projects and crypto before. Real Madrid partnered with Sorare, an NFT collectible company, to allow it to offer collectibles of its players on Sorare’s NFT market back in 2020. In partnership with LAVA, the soccer team also announced in 2021 that Smart Tickets would be issued in NFTs to its fans.

FC Barcelona was even more involved with cryptocurrency by issuing its own fan token, which allows members to vote on certain club-related decisions. FC Barcelona also reported NFTs were part of their expansion strategy and created Barca Studios in March to concentrate its products on these markets.

In a deal to transform the club’s strategies in the Web3 space and the metaverse, purchased almost a quarter this division from the club for $100 million.

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