Recap of 2021’s Crypto Mania

It has been an incredible year for crypto, as the industry’s total market capitalization broke new records and the ecosystem evolved. To celebrate its fourth birthday by the end of 2021, CoinEx held a Twitter Spaces event “Recap of 2021’s Crypto Mania” on December 23. Molly, Solster CEO Darshit and GamicGuild founder Ukeme Okuku were joined by popular Blockchain YouTubers My Financial Friend and Crypto Shrek to discuss hot topics within the crypto community over the last year.

This was the chat’s first topic. Molly stated that she was most impressed by out-of-imagination crypto-coins, despite the amazing achievements of Layer 2, MEME and GameFi as well as the DAO. Flozin was most surprised by NFT, as it had a profound impact on the game world and art industry.

Next up is the question of which cryptocurrency category will have the greatest future growth. My Financial Friend, Flozin, and Crypto Shrek recognized the potential for the metaverse. Crypto Shrek suggests that Fi systems such as GameFi, SocialFi, and others, should receive more attention. Molly said that Web 3.0 and the metaverse should be the main focus. As primary blockchain technology improves, the future for cross-chain solutions is brighter.

Users care most about this last topic: Is there a bull market? Molly explained that it was impossible to accurately predict the market’s future. However, many professionals have joined the market and the inherent value of crypto markets has increased substantially compared with 2017. Darshit was optimistic that the market will continue to rise despite the obstacles. Flozin, Crypto Shrek and others were also optimistic about the future of the market.

After heated discussions, Twitter Spaces was successful. CoinEx, despite the many ups and downs over the last four years has continued to stand firm to provide the best services and products to crypto investors. CoinEx will be celebrating its fourth anniversary with a host of surprises and events for everyone. For every coinex investor, we hope 2022 will prove fruitful.

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