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This week, bitcoin’s market dominance among the market capitalization of all 12,046 crypto assets in existence has been hovering above 38%, while ethereum’s overall valuation commands 19% dominance. A report published on Monday shows that since 2014, the market share of altcoins surged threefold from 21% in 2014, to today’s market share of 62%.

Report Says ‘Tide Is Turning,’ Altcoins Are ‘Making Ground on Bitcoin’

Edith Reads, author of’s report shows altcoins have seen a significant increase in their value over the past seven years. The author’s report explains that “the tide is turning” and altcoins are “making ground on BTC as their popularity continues to soar.” It is well known that since bitcoin’s inception, BTC’s market dominance among all the other crypto assets in existence has been over 80% until February 2017. On February 26, 2017, BTC had a market dominance rating of 86% and it’s never returned to above the 80% range since that day.

Study Shows the Market Share of Altcoins Surged Threefold Since 2014

“Since 2014, the market share for Altcoins has been on an upward trajectory,” the author explains. Reads mentions that Altcoins had 62% market share by December 9, 2021. “The figure represents a tripling of their dominance in the last seven years. They’ve surged threefold from a market share of 21 percent to stand at the current 62 percent figure,” Reads’ study adds.

Continue reading the report to learn more about the Altcoin Space’s growth and increasing interest. “The growth in [the] market dominance of altcoins is indicative of a shift in thinking about crypto assets,” Reads says. “Many are embracing them as alternatives to BTC. As the crypto space continues to develop, BTC’s dominance will come under increased pressure,” the researcher notes.

Study’s Author Claims ‘Market Cap Is a Crucial Factor in Crypto Ranking’

The author claims that market share dominance is a significant factor and BTC’s market share has been declining. “In December 2014, [BTC’s] market cap stood at 78 percent,” the study highlights. “But that position has continued to erode to stand at 38 percent at the study’s publication.” Reads further opined:

Market dominance is a key factor in crypto ranking. It usually translates into higher market cap. The market cap plays a critical role in crypto ranking. Because cryptos with large market caps are more stable, they can be considered safer investments. In essence, it’s a pointer to how stable the asset is.

According to the metrics, there are over 12,000 cryptocurrency-assets that currently exist. Although ethereum (ETH), commands 19.1%, other currencies have good shares in the crypto economy. BNB holds a market dominance rate of 3.644%, while the stablecoin USDT has approximately 3.06%. Solana, the fifth-largest cryptocurrency market cap currently, holds 2.45% of $2.54 trillion. Cardano (ADA), controls 1.97%.

The study insists there are a few advantages altcoins have over BTC including “gaining ground in the [decentralized finance] sector.” Reads opines that in terms of scaling, “altcoins are built on better Blockchain technology.” She says that BTC is also dealing with a lot of people who care about the environment and Reads mentioned that “Elon Musk has been a vocal critic.”

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