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OVR’s new Token Burning Program was launched on November 1st It will make its tokens more scarce and valuable. In November, 246 million OVR were burned.

OVR and the Numbers From the Token Burning Program’s First Month

OVR’s updated token economics started on November 1, 2021, after the OVR team burned nearly 1 million of its tokens last May.

At the close of the last monthFrom its sales, the platform earned 615,365OVR.GAS charges not included.

The Token Burning Program anticipates that, as expected. 40% are burned and 10% used for incentivesOVRLand Sales with Monthly Draws among New OVRLand buyers who use Chainlink VRF.

For November 2021 it is indeed.Total tokens consumed were 246,146 OVRHowever, it is possible to do exactlyOVR 61,536OVRLand was their focus.Chainlink: Draw Chainlink.

The chances of hitting the jackpot increase if you have more OVRLands on Chainlink.

OVR and its Updated Token Economics

OVR has taken the decision to change its token economy in order to modernize it. Smart contract The burningMake your own OVR token rarer and less valuable.

It would help to reduce the estimated cost of the idea for a while, so that you can better grasp the concept. Only 100 Million OVRLands are available out of the 1.6 Trillion OVRLands.All points that correspond with the Open Street Map’s points of interest are considered.

This being so, it is important to note that if OVR cost $1 and 1 OVRLand costs $10.The total revenue from the 100 million OVRLands sales would be approximately 1. Billion OVR. These are the details:

  • 400 Million OVR could be burnt;
  • 100,000,000 OVR is a lotto prizeChainlink customers who have purchased OVRLand

Map2Earn and the Next-Level AR Metaverse

OVR announced recently the creation of OVR Land Mapping. OVR can be essentially achieved by AI.A detailed 3D model of the physical world created in another metaverseBased on photos taken with the phones of its users, Participants who decided to take part in Map-to Earn.

OVR users that join the initiative actually become reality OVRLand Scanners OVR tokens are earned simply by scanning physical addresses with their smartphone.

It isA new method of monetizingThis is similar to what Decentralized Finance and DeFi offer their users: play-to-earn.

OVR Map2Earn, a groundbreaking mapping technology is available.This surpasses GPS accuracy limits, resulting in newly scanned OVRLands with a location accuracy up to 10cm.

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