November Means Big News for Boost Coin Community

The Boost community has had a remarkable November. The unique Boost DeFi app can be downloaded in any app store and has already attracted 14k members. Every week, Boost developers announce a new financial feature. Boost has also announced a partnership to NZT Capital (a crypto-hedge fund) earlier this month. NZT Capital, a crypto-catalyst firm that offers monthly boost injections to its customers, is also a company. This team has been working in the crypto industry for five years.

BoostSwap, which is the most seamless exchange in the game and available directly within Boost DeFi, comes with free limit orders. BoostSwap works better than UniSwap and PancakeSwap. Boost announced that BoostSwap is now compatible with ETH and BNB. BoostFolio is the latest financial tool that has been made available on the App. It follows BoostCharts and BoostFarming, as well as BoostTools.

There are currently several live chats which focus on specific topics like NFTs and Boost Coin. You can also access the news tab to see all recent information from top crypto sites.

Boost Coin is doing great despite all of the changes. Boost Coin has over 9,000 holders and is backed celebrities, influentialrs, first-time investors and other heavy hitters of the cryptocurrency industry. Rappers Jadakiss and The Game, along with Tory Lanez are urging their followers to invest in Boost Coin while it’s still early. Lanez is the one who has been urging people to support Boost Coin on Instagram and Twitter. Analysts believe that Boost Coin may reach $1 within the near future.

Boost will have a surprise for you: Rocket Coin, Boost’s sister token, will expand their ecosystem. Rocket Coin will launch later in November. Rocket Coin, a BSC token launching on November 30, will help support the Boost Coin ecosystem. This is a momentous time for the Boost community with the addition of a sister coin, an app and hedging fund partnership. The development team’s decade of experience in the blockchain space, along with NZT Capital and the support of the growing Boost community assures that Boost will maintain longevity in the space. Boost DeFi will be the cohesive piece to the puzzle, tying together all of Boost’s financial tools in one convenient place. Boost is moving at a rapid pace. Keep up, if you can.

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