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Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s executive vice president for gaming, addressed NFT gaming, which has been a hot topic in recent times. Spencer feels that some platforms which leverage NFTs are more exploitative than they make entertaining. NFT-based elements have been suggested by some of the most prominent publishers and developers in the game industry.

Phil Spencer Is Not Supportive Of NFTs Immediately

Phil Spencer, responsible for the Xbox program at Microsoft and one of the most recognized executives in the world of gaming, has issued his opinion about NFTs and the inclusion of these elements in today’s gaming scene. Spencer said that the first step in exploring these tools is to include platforms that more focus on speculation and entertainment. Spencer spoke out about the topic to Axios.

What I’d say today on NFT, all up, is I think there’s a lot of speculation and experimentation that’s happening, and that some of the creative that I see today feels more exploitive than about entertainment.

The opinion of Spencer is very important due to the influence he has over what’s published or not in the Xbox store, one of the biggest marketplaces in the gaming industry. NFT-based games may have difficulty getting published on the above storefront.

Are You Ready to Sell?

Spencer expanded his view and stated that at this stage, there might be some things created with NFTs that wouldn’t be able to be featured in gaming stores. It is this same belief that Steam executives, who run the world’s largest PC gaming site, argued last month for a ban on Blockchain games being played from their platform.

NFT-related elements are being integrated into other games by gaming companies, and others are doing so already or in the future. Square Enix and Electronic Arts are included in this group. Ubisoft also invested in Native Blockchain Gaming Companies like Animoca Brands which operate The Sandbox, one the most important NFT metaverses.

Spencer stressed:

You see many things in your store that aren’t necessary. Anything that was in the storefront and we deemed exploitive, I believe, would be something we would take legal action against.

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