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According to a new poll, a large majority of voters would like more regulations on crypto. “Our national survey shows voters believe in the promise of digital assets and see it as a long-term part of the economy and their financial future,” said the Crypto Council for Innovation.

The Voters Demand More Regulation of Cryptocurrency

The Crypto Council for Innovation, a crypto advocacy group, announced the results of a national survey Wednesday showing that “crypto users are poised to have an impact in close midterm races across the country.” About 1,200 likely voters participated in the survey, which was conducted online from Oct. 8-10 by a bipartisan team led by Sean McElwee from Pioneer Polling and B.J. Martino, The Tarrance Group.

Cory Gardner, former U.S. senator and the Crypto Council’s chief strategist of political affairs, commented:

The national poll shows that voters are optimistic about digital assets, and consider it a part of their long-term economic and financial plans.

“Importantly, they are echoing what the industry has been calling for: regulation that provides clear rules of the road to protect consumers and realize the technology’s full potential,” he added.

The survey results showed that 13% respondents claimed to hold crypto. In addition, 45% of the voters surveyed “want legislators to treat crypto as a serious and valid part of the economy.” The council further described:

52% of people believe crypto should be subject to more regulation than is the case.

According to respondents, crypto is expected to remain. “Crypto is not going away — it is already in the investment mix,” Gardner emphasized. “In comparison to other financial holdings, 16% of respondents said they hold stocks, 13% hold crypto, 12% hold mutual funds, and 5% hold bonds.”

The survey results also show that “Over 40% think crypto has untapped potential and 33% think it represents an important financial innovation.”

Gardner concluded: “Working together, it’s possible for the U.S. to build more pathways to spur meaningful economic growth, and secure a digital future where crypto’s full potential is realized through careful conversation and smart policy.”

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