Majority Of Bitcoin Investors Got In This Year, Says Grayscale

If there is one thing bitcoin bull markets are good for, it’s drawing investors into the market. It has been true for every bull rally in the history of bitcoin, and it was the same with the current 2021 rally. This year, the volume of BTC bought by investors has been significantly higher than that of those who had already made investments in cryptocurrency.

Grayscale LLC conducted a survey and found that 2021 was a record year for bitcoin investors, with large numbers flocking to the market. Grayscale collected data that showed how the multiple bull run this year drew in institutional as well as individual investors.

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55% of Investors In this Year

Grayscale LLC conducted a survey with 1,000 people and found some intriguing trends. The survey was conducted in August and showed that a greater percentage of bitcoin investors only began investing in the last year.

25% of the 1000 respondents said they had already purchased and held BTC. But, it was more surprising that 55% said they have started investing in BTC this year.

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As investors place their stakes into various assets, this is in line with the growing trend of digital assets and other cryptocurrency. DeFi is another space that has seen exponential growth in one year.

Bitcoin is a must-have for investors

According to survey responses, bitcoin has become more popular than ever. No matter which investment method they prefer, investors can’t ignore bitcoin or the promises that digital assets hold in the future. Grayscale noted this fact in the survey report as it stated that “it is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to ignore bitcoin as its price continues to rise.”

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According to the survey, around 80% said they are likely to invest bitcoin via an exchange-traded funds. It is clear that not all people have decided to buy BTC yet. The SEC is still yet to approve bitcoin exchange-traded funds.

Another interesting finding from the survey was that 60% of respondents were more willing to buy bitcoin via an app. Contrary to that, 75% of respondents polled in 2020 said they prefer buying bitcoin via an exchange. chart

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