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PRICE RELEASE Liquid Craft – is bringing a new concept to the NFT space by using collectible handcrafted bottles of Liquor to add value to their digital art pieces. They have just launched their first series. Dragons and BourbonThis product will be available for pre-sale starting at 12PM PST on Nov 20, and the public sale beginning on Nov 23, at 12PM PST.

Liquid Craft aims to innovate in two markets at once with their new release and the upcoming NFT market. All NFTs come with collectible liquor bottles. With each release they create something new in the form fine wines, spirit, and other Liqueurs from an international range of crafters.

The Dragons and Bourbon NFT Series – The First Release

The first release from Liquid Craft is titled Dragons and Bourbon and is a series of 1500 NFTs, released in two tiers – one tier of 750 NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain and the other tier of 750 on Ethereum. Each of the 1500 NFTs is backed by a premium bottle of handcrafted small-batch bourbon, created by an international award-winning distiller from Windsor Colorado – The Heart Distillery.

A small amount of bourbon has been created by the Heart Distillery for this series. The release will be limited to 1500 bottles due to the low supply.

Although the initial release date had been set for October 31, the team decided to change their strategy due to increased network congestion and high gas prices. With community feedback being acknowledged, the team is now going to make the final decision on releasing the game on the 20th and 23rd of November.

Buyers of the First Release will be eligible for an Airdrop

Airdrops of native $CRAFT tokens will be available to first buyers who purchase a Bourbon NFT or Dragons NFT. The amounts are variable depending on the purchased tier. NFT amounts vary according to the NFT level purchased. For example, you can get up to 4500 Ethereum tokens and 1500 Binance tokens. There will also be airdrops and exclusive events. You can even get automatic entry into future giveaways.

NFTs and Traditional Liquor – The Ultimate Pair

The smart contracts that NFTs are based upon have made them extremely popular in the last 12 months. They have provided many solutions for a variety of industry problems. Liquid Craft utilizes this technology for solutions in the NFT Market, traditional liquor investment markets, and to aid crafters of premium liquor all over the world.

The traditional liquor market is combined with NFT, allowing potential investors to get rid of any barriers to entry. It also allows them to increase the authenticity and security associated with collecting bottles. There are no intermediaries, there are no storage problems, the bottles are easily traded like NFTs and can be used as frequently as necessary without having to leave the supplier.

NFT collectors will now be able to tie their NFTs to appreciated assets, giving them real value. This support for physical products removes the large amount of speculation associated with NFT market.

NFT Marketplace: International Crafters

The last two years for international craftspeople have been difficult. Record lows in international tourism have led to a dramatic drop in revenues for many wineries and other breweries as well as distilleries which had relied upon this type of tourism.

Liquid Craft will shortly release a marketplace to help these small crafters. They will be able to show their products to an international audience by selling their products via NFTs.

This is the Lead Up to the Public and Private Sales on November 20th, Pre-Sale for Nov 20, 23rd Nov

For those lucky people who were able to get on the whitelist, pre-sale of Dragons and Bourbon NFT series will begin at 12 PM PST.

Due to limited availability of NFTs, the Public Sale will open on November 23rd at 12:00 PM PST. It will take place on a first-come first-served basis. Updates for the fast-approaching launch dates, as well as further promotions and AMA details, will be announced across the project’s social media platforms.

The project has partnered up with Coinpresso, a leading cryptocurrency marketing agency to help in the build-up and launch. Coinpresso, a leading crypto marketing agency, will help with this launch and any future ones. It can assist you in all aspects of promotion, SEO, and marketing.

NFTs can be more than digital art. Liquid Craft uses them to make a difference in both the NFT and traditional liquor markets. They expect their marketplace to provide a source of new income for crafters all over the world and offer investors both NFTs as well as fine liquors a variety of options in one place.



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