Land on Moon – Build Your NFT Empire

Investors are seeing a remarkable investment interest in Non-Fungible Tokens, despite the rising global cryptocurrency market. The NFT market is a hotbed of activity in the crypto industry. The Q3 2021 sales of NFTs soared to $10.7 Billion, an astonishing 700% increase over the quarter before. Meanwhile, the NFT market’s total value has risen to $43 Billion in October 2021.

NFT Metaverses was born out of the excitement in this area. Bloomberg has called these interactive virtual games the place “where crypto, gaming and capitalism collide” and the next stage in the evolution of the sector.

Metaverses don’t seem to be a new concept. Second Life was the original Metaverse and had over one million active users when it launched in 2003. Roblox and Minecraft, two other successful Metaverses, followed suit in 2003. In 2021, they have 140 million users each and 43 million, respectively.

In-game economies and currencies were available in Metaverses’ previous versions, but they had no real-world currency or value. NFT Metaverses has a unique feature: native cryptos can be used to make transactions or receive rewards in-game. Axie Infinity, the most popular Metaverse, will be generating $2.7 billion by 2021. game development company is now aiming to leverage the power of NFTs to launch the first-ever interplanetary Metaverse – Moon.

Moon: The NFT Metadata Beyond Earth

Moon is the world’s first NFT Metaverse to be entirely based on Earth’s satellite, consisting of:

  • 26,000 HEX virtual land plots, represented by NFTs, covering the entire lunar surface, and which can be bought, sold, rented, and developed as a player sees fit – all with the native Moon
  • (MON) token.
  • Developing the Moon as an entirely new civilization, from scratch – opening mines and businesses, building real estate and infrastructure, and creating the political structures needed to administer “Moon countries”.
  • The play-to earn structure rewards players who are successful in winning competitions. They also get credit for creating economic value and outmaneuvering their competitors by waging wars, alliances or superior economic performance.

You can describe gameplay as an amalgamation of Age of Empires, Rise of Nations and Sim City. This is because it combines long-term strategic planning with tactical objectives.

Moon land NFTs can be a scarce, finite, and non-replicable resource. Land owners can improve the worth of their holdings by transforming them into economically, politically, or militarily viable Moon countries. The NFTs can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges to receive fiat and crypto currencies. This creates real economic value. There are a variety of game-specific add-ons that can be used to enhance your gaming experience (e.g., special building materials or weaponry), etc. NFT owners can use these add-ons to speed up the success and development of their lunar colonies. This will increase their value.

Moon’s unique positioning in the NFT Metaverse space is thanks to:

  • An exciting number of in-game NFTs for players to boost their performance – extra oxygen supplies, mining tools, moon-adapted excavating equipment, and more.
  • You can also earn extra rewards by taking part in mystery-solving challenges, going to the dark side, or solving conspiracies.
  • Setting up the moon as a base for travel back to Earth, and to other planets in the solar system and beyond – becoming a fully interplanetary Metaverse.

Moon will launch at an extremely positive moment in Blockchain Metaverses.

  • Sky Mavis has raised $152 Million at an almost $3 Billion valuation in order to grow Axie Infinity.
  • Gaming startup Animoca Brands has raised $2.2 billion to date.
  • Chimeras has raised funding of $2 million to help develop its Metaverse early-stage projects.

Moon has a unique approach to the Metaverse, which combines a broad range of NFTs with an ecosystem that is built for long term growth.


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