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PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Aug. 8, 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Drive Crypto (DRIVECRYPTO) on August 9, 2022. LBank Exchange will make the DRIVECRYPTO/USDT trading pairing available to all its users on August 9th, 2022 at 23:00 (UTC+8)

Drive Crypto (DRIVECRYPTO), which is the first mobile web3 app that utilizes the Drive to Earnn platform with GameFi/SocialFi components, allows you to earn cryptocurrency while driving rare NFT vehicles. To further increase its international reach, its native token DRIVECRYPTO (UTC+8) will be listed at LBank Exchange on August 9th 2022 at 23:00 UTC.

Introduction Drive Crypto

Drive Crypto is the original web3 mobility app that was built on Drive to Earn concept. It has GameFi/SocialFi as its foundation. The app was built to fulfill an important daily task: to use a vehicle for moving from one location to the next. It’s the first crypto space project which effectively bring to life a concept of mobility and functional gain.

The NFTs can be in the form electric cars or electric power. These calculate how many KM each vehicle has traveled. This activity will allow users to gain in-game currency that they can use in the game, or transfer to their bank accounts. Each NTF car is unique and rare as they are one edition only and there won’t be two of a kind, so they can be greatly appreciated.

In addition to winnings through the Drive-to-Earn mode, NFT cars can also be used in the racing game mode to compete with other users in a Fast & Furious style race, and upon winning the race, the top three will be able to earn DRIVECRYPTO rewards. All the NFT car owners will be able to sell those NFTs on the first exclusive and car’s only marketplace – NFT-DriveStore. Its global ambassador — Alex Sperafico, ex-indy formula driver released his NFTs in DriveStore and they sold out in minutes.

Drive Crypto will also contribute to the development of infrastructure necessary to charge electric cars. Part of Drive Crypto’s profit will go to installing charging stations and generating carbon credits to combat climate change. This goes above and beyond a GameFi/SocialFi initiative to create a web3 community that will change the environmental mindset. A public test download for the App drive-to-earn is underway right now. You can access its details on the DRIVECRYPTO site.


The native token for the Drive Crypto ecosystem is DRIVECRYPTO. It is based on BEP-20 and has an estimated total supply of one billion. 1000,000,000 tokens. 7% are for private sale. 10% for public sale. 30% for Drive-to-Earn Rewards. 12% for recharge stations. 2% for Advantages Club. 2% for Special Prizes. 12% for the Team. 0.5% for the liquidity pool. 15% for marketing. 5% for the LP reserve fund. 5% for the airdrop. 4% for stake.

There will be a 10% transaction tax. Of that, 2.5% goes to extra liquidity. 2.5% will go for development. The remaining 2% will go for marketing and 4% for each selling. Only 2% of the money will go for each purchase. The rest of the tokens will be burnt. The token burning process will continue until half of the offer is exhausted (500,000,000 tokens). After this point, there will be no more token burning.

LBank Exchange will list the DRIVECRYPTO token at 23:00 (UTC+8) August 9, 2022. Investors who are interested can purchase and sell DRIVECRYPTO on LBank Exchange as soon as possible. The DRIVECRYPTO token listing on LBank Exchange will help the company expand and gain more market attention.

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