Number Of Crypto ATMs Installed Worldwide Reaches New Milestone

The adoption of cryptocurrency has been growing rapidly in recent years. This is reflected in an increase in global crypto ATM installation. It is still increasing in countries with crypto ATMs. As more countries accept them, an increasing number of ATMs was installed over the 2021. It is clear that crypto ATMs are still being adopted.

39,000 Worldwide Crypto ATMs

A large number of ATMs are a sign of the rapid rise in crypto around the world. The space reached a milestone this month with 39,000 installed ATMs worldwide.

Coinatmradar data shows that there are currently 39,015 ATMs across 78 nations. Most installations took place in the last 2 years. The total crypto ATMs globally stood at 6,364 ATMs on the 1st of January 2020. The number of ATMs has increased by more than 513% to the current level. 

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The number of ATM makers has increased by more than 100 percent over the same period. The number of ATM manufacturers is up to 15,000, compared with the initial 2,000. It has allowed for more competition and has seen the price of crypto ATMs drop. 

America Continues to Dominated

In the United States, the majority of growth in ATM installations has occurred. Because of the high acceptance rate for cryptocurrencies within the region, and the desire to explore new technologies, this is a major reason. More than 80% all global crypto ATMs have been installed in America.

There are currently 34,301 ATMs available out of 39,015 ATMs. This puts the United States at 88% market dominance. The United States is the country with the most crypto ATMs, surpassing all other countries. 

Canada, Spain, El Salvador, and Canada are all seeing increased installations. This is why the United Kingdom stands out in this respect. While other countries have seen their number of crypto ATMs increase over the past two years, its numbers have fallen. At the moment, only around 22 ATMs are available in the UK.

There are 46 global producers with 615 operating operations. There are currently 324,114 bitcoin to money and cash to Bitcoin services businesses, about half of which is in the US.

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