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Immersion cooling allows bitcoin miners to extract more power from their current equipment. This is why many Bitcoin mining companies now experiment with it. Industry insiders predict that immersion cooling will soon be a mainstream option as top companies have already retrofitted these cooling devices onto existing mining operations.

Mining Companies Pay More Attention To Immersion Cooling

Immersion cooling is a less-used method of maintaining equipment that miners have been exploring. Immersion cooling is a method of cooling existing mine machines by submerging them in tanks filled with liquid that helps heat escape faster. There are two benefits to this method: lower maintenance costs and higher performance.

Overclocking is a process by which miners set up machines so that they work beyond their default specifications. One of the biggest concerns is the fact it produces more heat which can reduce the equipment’s life expectancy. This is all changed with this new technique. Blocksbridge founder Nishant Sharma declared that:

The machine looks almost like it is a large fish tank. All major miners will soon be involved in large-scale immersion mining.

Large Mining Companies Are Already Getting in the Water

Although this cooling technique is not yet mainstreamed, large companies have already begun to implement it in large-scale mining operations. Riot Blockchain is a Nasdaq listed Bitcoin mining company that has a valuation exceeding $4 billion. It announced that its Texas next mining operation will use 200MW of the available power to immersion cooling.

It stated that:

Immersion-cooling technology has never been previously deployed in Bitcoin mining at this scale, to the Company’s knowledge.

Four thousand ASIC miners are expected to be located in buildings that will contain cooling tanks. Other markets are already seeing this trend. These applications have seen a huge increase in demand for coolant fluid. David Sundin (co-founder, chief scientist, Texas firm Engineered Fluids) stated that:

In just six- or seven months our business has seen a 500% increase in sales. It’s just gone through the roof.

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