How is Reshaping Crypto Investing and the CeFi World

Recently, announced that $ZAM is its native utility token and has been listed on all four of their platforms simultaneously.’s blockchain ecosystem is composed of several seamlessly integrated products, including: ZamWallet, a universal crypto wallet for DeFi and CeFi, Intelligent Investment Portfolios, ready-made solutions for investors, and zMorgan, a distinctive protocol capable of transferring stock capital into cryptocurrencies. By the end of the first day of listing on the exchange platforms,, PancakeSwap and Uniswap the token’s value had already grown  23 times. The company confirms that this success can be attributed to the products’ uniqueness and the increasing demand for them in the digital and traditional financial markets. In fact, the ecosystem’s solutions respond to existing market needs, serving as a bridge between the DeFi and CeFi sectors. The next section below will talk about how creates a new financial reality.

Why became so beloved by crypto-users, a company that specializes in the transfer of stocks into cryptocurrencies, had just announced for the first-time the launch of zMorgan. This protocol is unique and can unlock the capital of stock, but not equity, to increase its value. It quickly gained popularity and was a favorite of the crowd, drawing in both crypto-investors as well traditional venture capitalists. The project was quickly supported by thousands of people.

“On the first day after launching our airdrop on CoinMarketCap, we received over 10,000 user applications. Today this number exceeds one million. More than 2.5 million people have already added $ZAM to their watchlists. Everyday, we receive hundreds of emails from users who want to become our partners, ambassadors, or just token holders, because people believe in our solutions and in their future,”George Gus, founder of describes. has many tools to connect traditional finance with the crypto market. Users can transfer shares of companies to cryptocurrencies using the zMorgan protocol.

“For instance, let’s assume you own Tesla shares and want to convert them into cryptocurrencies. You can do this by using the zMorgan protocol. This allows you issue a limited number of stablecoins USDZ or AEDZ that are pegged to each Emirati dirham and the US dollar. Your shares’ value will support these stablecoins. At any time, you can reverse the operation and retrieve the shares’ value by paying the commission for using the protocol,” explains Georgy Gus. launched Intelligent Investment Portfolios, a tool that allows crypto investors to make smarter investments. The analysts and traders carefully created an Intelligent Investment Portfolio, which is a pre-made portfolio that can be used to invest in cryptocurrencies.

“Each portfolio includes more than 10 cryptocurrencies, handpicked to achieve an ideal balance between low-risk cryptocurrencies and high-risk cryptocurrencies that can bring quick profits, in addition to stablecoins, which are suitable for stabilizing profits. At any time, the user can choose to individually modify the composition of the portfolio, or if the market situation changes, experts will do so,”Georgy Gus.

The company plans to increase its efforts in the development and upgrade of the universal wallet, which integrates CeFi & DeFi, and introduce staking, among other features.

Finance in one place: The whole world is yours intends to continue developing its infrastructure, and offering new financial management services over the next three year.

“In 2022, we already have many plans in store. These plans include launching a feature that allows immigrants to obtain crypto loans. We also plan to organize a DAO which will enable our community members the ability to vote, and thereby influence company decisions. We are merely at the start of our journey,”George Gus.

The team will continue to monitor the listings results on and PancakeSwap. They also promise their community more interesting listings on CEX.

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