How can Launchpads help Metaverses and Blockchain Gaming?

Web 3.0 will be the new standard. This digital revolution seeks to put power back into the hands of people. They are the ones who create everything. EnjinStarter helps to ignite the spark that will endure in the Enjin or blockchain gaming ecosystems.

EnjinStarter is a global workforce that spans five continents, 20 countries, and has a common goal to produce cutting-edge products. This team has created a product ecosystem using blockchain technology that allows humans to create powerful virtual economies.

Alvin Tang and Prakash Somosundram were the first to launch ENJINSTARTER, a Blockchain Gaming Launchpad. It launched in October 2021.

It is built on the backbone of Enjin’s JumpNet, with a roadmap leading to Efinity, a polka-para chain. EJS Coin had its successful Initial Dex Offering, which reached an All-Time High in 0.249 days.

Enjinstarter is an Enjin Gaming and Metaverses-focused Launchpad. In October the team completed their Token Fundraise through the Initial DEX Offensive (IDO). This raised $5.5 Million from private and public funding.

So far, they’ve completed 9 IDOs since their founding, with a pipeline of 23 more IDOs to be completed by the end of 2021.

ENJINSTARTER is now one of the most popular Blockchain Gaming Launchpad launches. Within three months of the IDO, the company has amassed over 12,000 whitelisted wallets who’ve actively participated in the IDOs on the platform with ROIs of up to 49x.

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are at the heart of the platform, and it’ll show you how they’ll help usher in a new era of digital ownership. Their initial focus was Ethereum but now they include Binance Smart Chain features, Polygon and Solana.

LaunchPad EnjinStarter

An online platform for blockchain gamers that supports creators, game developers and other businesses in adopting and implementing the ENJIN Ecosystem within their Blockchain strategy and Digital Asset strategies.

We help to identify and support reliable community management and capital raising efforts. ENJINSTARTER allows game developers to explore new ways of funding their projects.

Fundraising can be done transparently, equitably and efficiently through the platform. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are at the heart of our platform, and it’ll be shown how they’ll help usher in a new era of digital ownership.

Their incubation program provides companies with end-to-end support for creating sustainable plans and implementing effective campaigns, along with an approved network of partners.

This brings EnjinStarter’s entire team to strive to provide developers a means to explore viable alternative ways of earning funds to jumpstart their creative projects by selling digital assets as non-fungible tokens, in addition to merely issuing tokens.

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