Safe Cryptos To Invest in During a Crypto Winter

One of the biggest fears for crypto investors is the occurrence of Crypto winters. These cycles are four years long, with the 2018 cycle being the first. Moving forth to the year 2021, this phenomenon is believed to have commenced in early November 2021, where massive selloffs of Bitcoin and Ethereum took place as a result of a collective of negative catalysts such as the US Infrastructure Bill, China’s clampdown on Bitcoin mining and the emergence of the Omicron Covid variant, just to name a few.

Although Bitcoin and Ethereum may be very popular, experts still consider them speculative assets because they are highly exposed to market manipulations and high volume trading on large exchanges. Many crypto projects and sectors are performing poorly in the crypto winter because their performance closely mirrors the markets patterns for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Surprisingly though, GameFi has seen its crypto assets rise in winter. Particularly a token like Jedstar has not been affected as much by crypto winters. We will show you how Jedstar plans to protect itself from the adverse effects of crypto winters. This is in contrast to cryptocurrency behemoths like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and other GameFi tokens such as Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and Ethereum.

GameFi, which is the booming cryptocurrency sector, will reach $180 Billon in 2021. This figure is subject to an additional 10% growth in 2022. GameFi is the core of crypto mass adoption. Gaming enthusiasts aren’t concerned about market corrections.

The Market performance in the short term

Many crypto projects including GameFi projects such as AxieInfinity (AXS), and Decentraland, experienced similar drops in prices and market caps to Ethereum and Bitcoin last month. Jedstar was the exception. The low Jedstar market cap is partly responsible for this.

Jedstar ($JED), with its $22 Million market cap, has the lowest market cap, while AXS, MANA and MANA have a $6.1 Billion market cap. JED and AXS have also reached market caps of approximately $44 million, $9.2Billion, and $10.6Billion, respectively.

The market capitalization of $JED increased sharply from $8.4 million USD ($0.19 USD), to $22million USD ($0.5 USD) in the past month. AXS’ market cap has declined from $9.2 billion ($150 USD) down to $6.5 billion USD ($106 USD), and MANA’s increased from $5.3 Billon ($2.9 USD to $6.4 Billion US ($3.5). The overall market cap of this crypto winter saw JED experience a significant increase of 161% while AXS experienced a decrease of -29.3% to 20.8%.

Jedstar’s short-termed analysis of market caps has shown that it has done exceptionally well in this crypto winter, despite the fact volatility having a larger impact on tokens with lower market cap.

Long-Term Diversification, Utility

Jedstar is composed of three token DECOsystems. $JED was launched 3 months ago. $KRED, its second token, awaits its presale on 17 December 2021. Jedstar recognizes the negative effects that crypto winters have on cryptocurrency and has taken steps to prepare for its success. It adopted sector-, genre-, and utility-oriented diversification strategies as well as embarking upon a long-term mission that is utility-focused.

Jedstar’s crypto-sector diversification strategy is first and foremost, Jedstar taps into $JED, and GameFi $KRED crypto sectors. Jedstar’s flagship token is $JED. It will eventually be made into a DeFi token that can offer investors KRED, JED exclusive perks and other crypto rewards. On the other hand, $KRED is primarily developed as a GameFi token to be used on Jedstar’s NFT marketplace, AGORA, and its games platform, STARDOME. Moving into the GameFi sector

Jedstar also adopts game-genre diversity and currently works on several Play-to earnn and Blockchain game genres. Jedstar, on the other hand, is a multi-game and virtualand P2E giants such as AXS or MANA that revolve within their metaverses. Jedstar, however, is a multimedia and gaming studio involved in CCGs, MetaMMORPGs, and hundreds more hypercasual games. Jedstar also announced that the company plans to develop films and create a Metaverse in its MMORPGs, which will feature intricately-woven fantasy stories.

Jedstar is working to expand $KRED’s utility over the long-term, something that many people don’t know. $KRED is a universal cryptocurrency that can be used across all gaming platforms. GameFi tokens, such as Decentraland or Axie, are usually market-monopolistic. This means that their tokens can only be used in their games, NFT marketplaces, and metaverses. As a solution to bring about mass adoption through gaming, KRED deviates from the intended use of these ecosystems through its unique utility where it is specially designed to be blockchain agnostic and will be used as the world’s first CAAS (Currency-as-a-service) across multiple games and platforms, which are not required to be Jedstar-related. KRED’s use case is therefore futureproofed, and will be further enhanced by its unique utility. It can be used by all entities that are involved in blockchain gaming. However, it is not limited technologically by any future blockchain standards.

Jedstar’s strategy is to diversify into GameFi and DeFi crypto spaces, as well as the development and utility of $KRED. This will ensure that investors are protected from future crypto winters.


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