Gamesta CEO Spencer Tarring Talks About GameFi, Metaverse and How the Guild Fits in the Grand Plan – Interview Bitcoin News

Gamesta allows investors to make connections and help thousands of people in need. Gamesta Guild believes that the game’s value is determined by its players. No matter what their income or wealth, each player represents equal value to the game’s metaverse by investing their time, contributing their knowledge, and representing that same value. Game developers now have the ability to reward loyal players with blockchain technology.

Spencer Tarring, the CEO and founder of Gamesta is Spencer Tarring. To talk about his business, he recently joined News Podcast.

Founder of VMG & DopeWarz, Spencer comes with a wealth of experience in both startups & crypto, having exited 5+ businesses in a 20 year career of entrepreneurship. Additionally, Spencer is a well-known DJ who runs the successful YouTube channel Crypto Money Life. A regular guest on Bitboys ATB show, he is well connected within the crypto & influencer community. has more details about the project. Follow the team to find out more. Twitter.

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