How Can Blockchain Be More Secure?

Undoubtedly, blockchain technology has been one of the most important innovations over the last few decades. Blockchain projects have opened up many use cases across a variety of industries. This has provided exceptional utility to global users. To be successful, however, you need to have the correct ingredients.

The funding is essential, and can be done through various crowdfunding channels. As with any other investment crowdfunding acts as a financial vote of confidence by the investors. However, crowdfunding methods such as ICOs have been accused of being a shady method to prey upon investors and evade responsibility.

This unfair reputation is because most crypto and blockchain projects can raise hundreds of millions of dollars for the project’s development while requiring considerably less. Furthermore, not all projects disclose how the money is being used, making it a complicated fundraising process.

Escrow Protocol is a platform that aims to promote fair fundraising by using financial security to manage DeFi Funds, and to make Blockchain safer. Their projects provide smart contracts with to-be respected agreements for the investment process to achieve its vision of “No More Scams”.

Escrow Protocol offers more trust and less risk.

Escrow Protocol is an open-source blockchain-based Web3 Oasis platform investors can use for funding start-ups. They also retain control and transparency over the contributions they make. The project utilises the time-honoured practice of putting funds into Escrow to protect investors’ interests and releasing funding according to the completion of milestones.

Escrow Protocol provides funding to start-ups for all their milestones, eliminating any risk of investment failure. Escrow funds can be used to maximize the value appreciation of interest (12-25% APRY), while also paying out for payout.

Escrow Protocol is right to believe that starting a business does not need all the capital raised during its early stages. Escrow Protocol, which makes use of Blockchain’s power, offers investors and projects a transparent and fair platform that allows them to agree upon predetermined funding conditions, based on real performance targets. Funding can be halted if investors find the development unacceptable.

Escrow Protocol optimizes Blockchain technology by using traditional crowdfunding and blockchain technology in combination with smart contracts that are easy to use. By detailing their Roadmap Milestones and Timelines, start-up projects can optimize their functionality while protecting the investors’ peace of mind.

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