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PRESS RELEASE. Manchester, UK, 25 November 2021: GAIMIN releases platform to create a global data processing network with “supercomputer” performance

GAIMIN is a UK and Swiss-based gaming and Blockchain company.IO Ltd releases a PC-based platform to create a global, decentralised data processing network with “supercomputer” level performance and also announces Nicky Butt, ex-Manchester United, Newcastle and England Team Player as Company Ambassador.

A new UK-based technology platform designed to boost the world’s processing power using high-end gaming PCs has opened its platform to users. GAIMIN makes use of the power left over from high-end gaming computers’ GPUs in order to increase global processing power, creating an almost global supercomputer.

GAIMIN’s platform harnesses the “spare” processing capacity from gaming PCs creating a virtual source of interconnected, networked, data processing power that businesses and institutions can tap into. GAIMIN currently uses this network of processing capacity to ‘power blockchain computations’, commonly known as mining. Blockchains are part of the technology that underpins new advancements such as cryptocurrency, NFTs and the Metaverse. GAIMIN platforms uses AI to determine the most profitable blockchains and then returns 90% of those rewards to the users.

Future use of the GAIMIN network for data processing will allow businesses to perform high-demand tasks like video rendering or future vaccine sequencing without major infrastructure modifications.

GAIMIN compensates the gamer in its own cryptocurrency token – GMRX. GMRX tokens may be withdrawn from the GAIMIN Marketplace or used to purchase NFTs, game assets, accessories, and merchandise.

GAIMIN’s ‘virtual’ processing power supply platform is a more efficient and effective alternative to the traditional approach to supplementing processing power, which relies on a business increasing its own hardware or using centralised data processing centres.

The business is supported by an industry advisory board that includes ex-professional Esports player, strategic coach, Joseph Turner and Simon Quirke (ex-Vice President Credit Suisse) who are regulatory and compliance consultants to Blockchain companies and cryptocurrency companies.

Martin Speight, CEO at GAIMIN, says: “The solution has been created to help address the fact that the world is running out of computing capacity, a belief echoed by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at the World Economic Forum.”

Martin explains, “The demand for data processing power continues to rise. While centralised data processing facilities are one way to solve this problem, these centres have their limitations. Our solution decentralises the requirement, taking available power within a platform of interconnected devices and creating ‘supercomputer’ processing power without the associated risks.”

GAIMIN also welcomes Nicky Butt ex-Manchester United and Newcastle player and as an investor and ambassador to the company.

Martin Speight, further commented, “I am delighted to welcome Nicky on board as part of the GAIMIN team. Nicky brings not only his experience in football coaching but also his experience as an investor and entrepreneur. Nicky will be a valuable member of the GAIMIN team, working as an Ambassador to represent GAIMIN, our technology and services and brand values to his wide-reaching community of business, football and gaming influencers.”

On his appointment as GAIMIN Ambassador, Nicky Butt commented “I am delighted to join the GAIMIN team. It has been a long time since I looked for an interesting business opportunity that would allow me to use my skills, knowledge and passions that I have accumulated in the past few years. GAIMIN presents the ideal opportunity for me – not only as an investment opportunity but also providing me with an active role as an Ambassador for the company, helping grow the business through my contacts and experience”.

Nicky Butt

Nicky Butt was a player in the Manchester United, Newcastle United, and England national teams. He recently became a coach. Nicky was a member of the Manchester United First Team for 12 years, where he won 7 Premier League championships. As one of the “Class of 92”, the hyper-successful Manchester United side of the 90’s, Nicky is a co-investor in Co92 initiatives, including Hotel Football, Salford City and the Co92 University – UA92.

After being introduced to GAIMIN by Nicky, and having reviewed the potential technology and business of GAIMIN’s offerings, Nicky invested personally in GAIMIN. He has now taken on the role as Ambassador.

Nicky, as GAIMIN Ambassador will represent GAIMIN personally at strategic business events. He also helps promote key messages to the company’s influential network. Nicky is also expected to contribute to the success of the business through his vast knowledge and skills in management, teamwork, and coaching.


GAIMINIO Ltd (GAIMIN), a UK-based gaming company, focuses on helping gamers to make the most of the computing power in their PCs. GAIMIN has created a decentralised data processing network harnessing under utilised processing power typically found in gaming PC’s to create a world-wide decentralised data processing network, delivering “supercomputer” performance.

With a free to download PC-based application GAIMIN moentises the under utilised performance through innovative approaches to delivering “supercomputer” level data processing performance from a world-wide network of independent processing devices. While initially focused on blockchain computations and data processing, GAIMIN supports large-scale applications such as video rendering.

GAIMIN makes payments in GMRX, its crypto currency. This can then be used to purchase on GAIMIN Marketplace NFTs and in-game items, as well as merchandise. It can also be converted into fiat currency or another crypto currency.


The Americas, Middle East and Australian Pacific – Andrew Faridani, Chief Marketing Officer for GAIMIN (based in Toronto, Canada): [email protected]

UK and Europe – Marc Bray, Director of Communications for GAIMIN (based in Manchester, UK): [email protected]

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