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Following the non-fungible token (NFT) platform supporting Flow-based NFT collectibles, NFT marketplace Rarible has launched a direct messaging feature that gives creators the ability to connect with fans via the user’s wallet address.

Rarible, Standalone Messenger and NFT Marketplace: Rarible Reveals Messenger Tools

  • Rarible NFT Marketplace is seventh largest platform for NFT with $273.06 Million in total sales. Rarible is used by approximately 86,489 traders according to statistics from
  • Rarible (ETH-based NFT Market) is now available on Rarible. The platform announced that it allows users to list and trade Flow NFT collectibles based on blockchain technology during week two of November 2021.
  • On November 23, the NFT Marketplace announced that the Rarible Messenger feature was launched. The firm explained that the Rarible Messenger function aims to bring together NFT creators and their community. Rarible Messenger was launched as an internal marketplace tool at the time of this writing. But, in the future, Rarible Messenger will become a global platform.
  • Rarible says that the messenger protocol is being released in a separate tool so people can communicate through Web3. Rarible Messenger is only currently available for testing.
  • “Rarible Messenger is also the most user-friendly way to connect with anyone via blockchain, allowing users to communicate by entering each other’s wallet addresses,” a statement sent to News from the Rarible team explains. “The tool also features privacy settings, which can be enabled to block messages from unknown users.”
  • The NFT marketplace’s messenger tool also follows the firm’s Series A funding round that took place at the end of June. Rarible received $14.2 million in funding from Coinfund, Venrock and 01 Advisors.
  • Rarible faces a lot of competition in this space, including many other companies that offer NFT markets. NFT market operators like Opensea. Hic et Nunc. Makers Place. Nifty Gateway. Ethernity. Fansforever. Foundation. Atomicmarket. Solanart. NBA Top Shot. Superrare. Aavegotchi.
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