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UK-based blockchain and gaming company. GAIMIN.IO Ltd has developed a PC-based platform to create a global, decentralised data processing network with “supercomputer” level performance. GAIMIN uses underutilized processing power from powerful GPUs. Users are rewarded with GMRX for their participation in GAIMIN data.

The GAIMIN platform is necessary.

Digital Revolution is a new era that has brought about a multitude of industries. Each one requires more data to function. One example is the powering of Blockchain computations. This is also known as mining in the cryptocurrency industry. Due to the growing number of transactions that require complex computations, validations, and closings every day on blockchains, there is a greater demand for computational power and processing capacity.

Processing power is also needed by other industries like video and CGI renderings, scientific computing simulators, AI intensive apps and life science analysis. This industry requires accurate and timely data to process data.

Data Processing Needs

To meet the global dependence upon digital technology, it is essential to adopt technologies that enable fast and efficient transaction processing. Transparency and security are key to ensuring integrity of transactions. Data processing on a large scale must use solutions that verify the security and integrity of transactions, while allowing visibility to validate transparency and protect the identity of both the recipient and the originator.

Problems with centralised data processing centers

Large, centralised data processing centres are one solution however these are not without their own risks and issues – they impact the local environmental and ecology, their physical footprint is limited, they are at risk from terrorism and natural disasters, energy consumption for operation, cooling and ventilation is considerable and impacts local energy capacity and they typically consume large amounts of fossil fuel.

Importantly, centralised data centers aren’t ideal for certain new technologies and industries. Sophisticated new technologies, such as the powering of blockchain computations, require a different solution – a distributed network of global processing power.

What are the benefits of decentralised data processing?

There are many technology solutions that can be used to provide transparent and secure services for industries. However, the greatest barrier to accessing processing power is still present. Although centralised data processing centers are one option, they aren’t without risks. A decentralised solution to data processing reduces those risks.

This global challenge will be greatly benefited by a company that can decentralise its processing power and harness the global supply of underutilised devices. The solution must also provide rewards for all parties.

GAIMIN Solution

GAIMIN discovered a source for processing power which could be used to create a network of supercomputers that can process huge amounts of data.

The PC-based gaming computer is a great source of processing power. Gaming is today’s fastest-growing entertainment sector. With 3.3 billion gamers worldwide by 2024 and 20% being PC-based gamers, there will be 600m gamers worldwide with high performance PC’s. Gamers seek the ultimate gaming experience. They build their gaming systems with the highest-performing components such as CPUs or GPUs. However, these devices only get used for 20 percent of the day and are rarely used to play games.

GAIMIN has developed a platform to harness this processing power and reward the individuals who allow their devices to participate in GAIMIN’s data processing network, generating a passive monetization for the participant and revenue for GAIMIN. This solves one of the gamer’s biggest problems – that of how they can fund their gaming experience both from a hardware perspective and also from an in-game experience.

GAIMIN is a PC-based software

GAIMIN’s PC-based app is free to download, run and earn passive rewards. These are based on how well the device performs and how long it stays connected to GAIMIN. This typically amounts to between $30 and $100 each month.

Gamers can be a good choice for many reasons.

  • Gamers are blessed with a wealth of computing power and resources that they often do not use. GAIMIN allows passive, automated monetization for these resources even when they’re not in use.
  • Gaming enthusiasts spend a lot of money on the GPUs to power their powerful gaming computers. However, these GPUs are used for an average of 4 hours each day and remain connected to the Internet.. The GAIMIN software allows both the computer and the devices to participate passively in the GAIMIN Processing Power Supply Network.
  • Gamers can utilize their contacts via chat and social media and gaming “channels” via the GAIMIN “Network Expansion program” referral system and be rewarded with an ongoing 10% of the hash power contribution of anyone they refer. Referring just 10 gamers will double the user’s hash power contribution, and consequently their rewards.
  • The gamer does not need to continue learning or exert any effort.The GAIMIN platform is available for download. You don’t need any prior knowledge. No knowledge required GAIMIN AI EngineHandles all aspects related to monetization.
  • GAIMIN doesn’t overclock. or use any other such practices which may cause any further degradation to the user’s gaming PC than would playing any of the most popular online games.

GAIMIN Data Processing Network

The GAIMIN platform creates the optimal network to power the most profitable data processing computations, identifying the available processing devices, harnessing them to create a global data processing network with “supercomputer” processing capability and through AI, selects the most profitable use of the processing power.

GAIMIN is known for its extensive monetization capability. The GAIMIN platform can currently be monetized through video rendering, the use of blockchain computations and has been tested. Other functionality is in development.

GAIMIN currently concentrates on mining cryptocurrency for monetization. The GAIMIN AI Engine currently supports 27 cryptocurrency, and more are being added. GAIMIN is paid mining fees to process these calculations and receives up to 90% back from the network participants. The remaining 10% goes to GAIMIN for its operations.

Passive rewards

Rewards are paid in the form of the mined cryptocurrency, so to mitigate users receiving rewards in a multitude of different cryptocurrencies, GAIMIN consolidates rewards into a single cryptocurrency – GAIMIN’s own token, GMRX. GAIMIN customers receive rewards in the form of GMRX. Users can convert GMRX into fiat currencies, other crypto currencies or use their rewards to purchase merchandise and accessories from GAIMIN.


GAIMIN, which holds the GMRX token will release GMRX cryptocurrency exchanges to give holders a tangible benefit. GMRX can be traded or exchanged on these exchanges. GAIMIN will distribute 8,888 Genesis NFTs to owners prior to the launch. They provide a 12 month GMRX airdrop and also a physical token. The number of Genesis NFTs available will be restricted to 88 Black Gold 2,800 Gold, and 6,000 silver with each type having its own utility. Purchases will be restricted to 20 people due to a single price for purchase and randomly allocated allocation.

This token’s passive reward potential incentivizes gamers. They may be able to see ways to get in-game assets (or NFTs) for their favourite games. The in-game assets are generated passively by dedicating their computing power to the GAIMIN Network.

No Gamer Left Behind…

GAIMIN is a socially responsible community with over 1 million users. The majority will be gamers. GAIMIN is committed to socially responsible gaming in order to maintain a balance between the entertainment of gaming and other aspects of the community’s life.

GAIMIN will provide gaming opportunities for communities in developing countries. GAIMIN’s future plans, such as dual GPU hardware specifically designed for gaming, will allow underprivileged worldwide users access to top-of-the-line IT systems. GAIMIN, through data processing, benefits both the recipient and the provider of the hardware or communications infrastructure. This will cover the cost of the services by the amount of processing power that is used from the computers.

Digital world will not permit disability and other physical limitations. GAIMIN will carry this same philosophy into the physical world. GAIMIN is looking for solutions, devices and accessories to enable people with disabilities to enjoy the game.

GAIMIN plans to integrate gaming into its GAIMIN dashboards and application. These themes will cover personal development, personal accountability, leadership, morals and social responsibility. GAIMIN, which combines formalised skill development such as gaming development, programming for computers, economics, and education providers has the potential to influence 1.5 billion youth minds.

The GAIMIN philosophy – “No gamer is left behind.”

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