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NFT’s value has increased tremendously, and fractionalization of NFTs has also seen incredible growth. Today, a lot of NFT projects deal with fractional NFTs. These are NFT assets that are broken down into smaller pieces which can be shared between a group of owners. On Sunday statistics showed that fractional NFTs are valued at around $212.6 Million.

NFT Markets Expand Fractionally

The billion-dollar market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has grown rapidly as online collectible markets are seeing millions in sales each day. Opensea, the world’s largest NFT marketplace saw weekly sales of $483.62 millions and an all-time total sales volume of $13 billion. Axie Infinity’s seven-day statistics show that it sold $3.79 Billion in NFTs over the year to date, $89.83 MILLION last week and $3.379 BILLION for its weekly sales. The fractionalized NFTs sector is another growing one in the NFT industry. These tokens have been dissected into tradeable fragments.

A myriad of NFTs based on blockchain technology (NFTs) have sold at a high price. To make it more affordable, smaller amounts of these assets have been broken down into smaller pieces to allow for greater ownership. The market value can fluctuate as these NFT shards may be traded.

It is possible to split the NFT into smaller parts, which people think lowers entry barriers into a highly-priced market for NFT collectibles. Fractionalized NFTs are a common phenomenon since their inception. One classic example of this is the LORDKEK, a 2016 rarity from Rare Pepe Trading Card series. Only ten LORDKEK cards have been issued. The LORDKEK card was one of very few divisible Rare Pepe trading Cards. While there are only eight LORDKEKs today, many have more than 0.00042069 value of one LORDKEK. News wrote further about fractional NFT platform like Otis (Unicly), Fractional and Daofi. Additionally, many other NFT platforms have been split up. Reports last week revealed that Amazon has supported a fractional NFT initiative built on Wax’s blockchain Dibbs. According to statistics on Sunday, December 12, there’s a couple hundred million dollars worth of fractional NFT markets.

The Fractionalized NFT Market Capitalization Exceeds $200 Million

In fact, metrics show there’s currently a market capitalization of $212,666,688 on Sunday that is composed entirely of fractional NFT collectibles. Doge NFT, or DOG (or 61.32%) of total $212.6 millions is currently the market leader with $130.14M.

Etherrock #272 (PEBBLE), which is fractionalized NFT, has the market capitalization at around $22.73million. It holds the second-largest overall market valuation. Feisty Doge NFT(NFD) currently has an estimated market capitalization of $18.29 Million, while Ladypunk (LADY), has a market value of $7.67 Million. data shows that the market cap for fractionalized NFTs is around $212.6 millions on Sunday, December 12th, 2021.

A dissected Meebit NFT, (DSMB), has a market cap of $4.3 million making it the fifth most valuable fractionalized NFT. Ape Punk (3.13M), Antique Zombie Shards (3.06M), BAYC History (1.36M), (1.2M) and My Alpha Leaderboard (1.18M).

While the fractional NFT DOG has around ​​$20.48 million in liquidity, Etherrock #72 and Feisty Doge NFT are the only two fractional NFT markets with over $4 million in liquidity. LADY is able to access $335.33K of liquidity every Sunday, and DSMB can access $150.7K.

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