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Due to high fees at layer 1 (L1), the Ethereum scaling battles have erupted on social media. Zhu Su is the CEO of Three Arrows Capital. This crypto VC company was well-known for his criticisms about the current state the project finds itself in. Emin Gun Sirer (founder and CEO at Ava Labs), the company behind Avalanche stated that Avalanche would be able scale regardless of how large it grows.

Ethereum is gaining popularity in social media

Users are required to pay high fees to use Ethereum L1 to transact. This is prompting Ethereum L1 supporters to take to social media to voice their dismay. Three Arrows Capital CEO Zhu Su expressed his dissatisfaction with the current state of Ethereum and the inability to scale it up. Su was on Twitter stated:

Yes, I’ve abandoned Ethereum even though I was a supporter of it in the past. Yes, Ethereum has left its users even though it supported them in the past. The Founders Dilemma is a major problem for Ethereum culture. Everybody is too wealthy to recall what they set out to achieve.

Su said that it was difficult to use the chain for those newcomers due to high fees. More than 15K people liked the tweet, and 4k were within one hour. The discomfort displayed by Messari CEO Ryan Selkis was also complimented by their opinions. stated:

It doesn’t matter if Ethereum is a security anymore because the only people who can afford to use it are accredited anyway.

Avalanche is in the Fray

As one of the best substitutes for Ethereum in cryptocurrency, Avalanche has been frequently compared to it. The network has lower transaction fees than Ethereum but this can often be attributed to its lower use. Emin Gun Sirer is the founder and CEO at Ava Labs. stressed:

Keep hearing this: ‘but but but some day Avalanche will be as slow as Ethereum.’ No. We have made the most significant breakthroughs in consensus, bridging and other areas with Avalanche. Without batting an eyelid, we will tackle lesser engineering issues.

Proponents of smart contracts have focused their efforts on scaling them with L2 solutions that are based on rollups like Arbitrum or Optimism. This has lead some users to look at other chains such as Solana and Avalanche, where high fees will not change anytime soon.

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