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In a DUO SACREDICE PHASE, two companies participate simultaneously.Show your support for eco-friendly BTC Mining. It is predicted that BTC Mining will be as efficient as Australia by 2024.

It is possible to make a difference, but it must be done together via a sacrifice. Once the sacrifice phase is over, the total sacrifice points for each sacrifice’s address’s points are totalled up; this creates a list of sacrifices ranked by total points from largest to smallest.

Each Sacrificee receives these products and services if the Sacrificed Minimum is at least USD 4million.

(1) Company A points

1 point for Company B

Bonus coins points (1/4-1/1)

Frega Points (5% Sac amount 1 to 1)

Potent Gifting Pooling Participation Programme (BTC Sacrifice Addresses Only)

Minimal sacrifices are limited to 100 points

In addition to the 100 points for 250 – 499 Sacrifice points includes:

EcoSac Dryfit long-sleeve shirt

Safepal S1 hardwallet in leather with case

In addition to the 100 & 250 points for 500 – 999 Sacrifice points includes:

500 2DLE NFT sacrifices from 501 to 99 on Day One

Day 1 sacrifices and all other Day 1 sacrifices receive a 2D NFT

Day 2-14 Non-LE NFT sequenced from largest to smallest sac amount

Software for crypto tax 1 year

In addition to the 100, 250, & 500 points for 1,000 or more Sacrifice points or more includes:

500 NFTLE for 500 first 500 sacrifices Day 1.

Available: Eco-watch and flash drives

An aggregate of five random wallet addresses will determine the winners.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range

The wallet or sacrifice holder will cover tax liabilities

Those who can’t afford the tax liability will have the option to have STM auction the vehicle to the highest sacrifice and receive the amount in BTC in lieu of the car.

The Full-Bridge Implant Giveaway consists of five randomly selected wallet addresses

All extracts, if necessary

Sinus lifts are not included in the list of bone grafts.

Implants made from Premium Neodent Aqua have one of the fastest recovery times in the world

Zirconia Pro – Upper/lower Zirconia teeth featuring Prettau 2 Dispersive Zirconia from Zirkonzahn- one of the world’s most stunning aesthetics

Also available in the BL1 color:

No conditions 5-year guarantee There are no exclusions. No deductibles.

Perform by can also request a meeting at your home or another location.

You have the opportunity to make a difference in your life.

*All sacrifices who want the procedure will need to be a candidate of which OnlyAs STM, or others involved in the sacrifice, the doctor can only make such a determination.

**All candidates will need to have X-rays taken at their expense for the initial consult to be considered for the procedure

Leader-board Bonuses:

In addition to the 100, 250, & 500, & 1,000 points for the Top 14 (less the top 6) Sacrifice point totals includes:

When Company B is able to provide it, eco-friendly Scooter or Bicycle

In addition to the 100, 250, 500, & 1,000 points for the Top 5 (less the Top 1) in Sacrifice points will receive 1 Whale pass (if available otherwise an additional ticket) + 1 ticket to BTC 2022 in Miami.

In addition to the 100, 250, 500, & 1000 points for the supreme sacrifice will receive an all-expense-paid trip to include Hotel and Air plus transfers from their home area to London for London2049 in Oct 2022 or a Bitcoin conference of their choice.

Performance Bonus

A gift of 9,000,000 was received in sacrifice for each 3 million that were made after the sacrifices. USD 15,000kIn BTC, the transaction will be sent to an unspecified BTC wallet address.

Everyone’s points supply increases with the amount sacrificed. One dual point will be granted for every sacrifice. The sacrifice will result in one point per sacrifice point. This means that 1 point is earned by Company A. 1 point in company B. Plus 25% of a bonus coin point. Also, depending on the Sac amount, additional products/services can be purchased such as Hard wallet, NFT or 2D. Tesla conference in London, or passes to Bitcoin 2022 Miami. As needed, the USD value of sacrifices can be estimated by using 60-minute-weighted average prices. The Company A, B and Bonus point totals can be exchanged in the future for 3 different coins. However, coins will launch on different exchanges at zero value.

Point Bonus

People with the loudest voice will sacrifice more points than those without. Following is the next-largest, then so on until it reaches 100 points. A volume bonus will be added to the points total of the highest receiving bonus 3X, with every subsequent bonus being slightly lower until the bonus reaches just a little over 1x. The difference between each point bonus is minimum, but it’s a difference.

In the end, all the sacrifice addresses are taken with point totals plus the bonus added from largest to smallest in order—the first address at 3x bonus to the last slightly above 1x. Everyone has now received the well-deserved reward for their advocacy on environmentally-friendly electricity use. You can see this on a line bonding curve ranging from 1x+ up to 3x.

It is the beginning that has the most important point total. You will reach the next highest total of Sacrificees Points in the next day. The maximum bonus will be 3x for days 1 and 2. Day 3 will offer 2.5x and day 12-14 a flat bonus.

Double Company Goals

  • Worldwide Decrease in BTC Mining Electricity Usage
  • Total off-grid energy sources.
  • Use other sources of renewable power
  • BTC mining has a reduced environmental impact due to solar, wind, hydro and wave energy.
  • Environment voice
  • It will be there for future generations
  • Reduit emissions
  • 100 percent carbon-free emissions via MPG, magnetic power generating device

It’s time to sacrifice!



Soft Launch began on 12/14/21 at 12:14 UTC

On 1/4/22 at 12:01 UTC, Hard Launch will commence

Big Disruption is in the Future with Groundbreaking All-In-One, Decentralized Technology Launched Q1 2022

Where? SacrificingYou will have the option to sacrifice in two ways: Centralized or decentralized.

Decentralization – no information about the sacrifice is known except a wallet address, BUT there is no means to you any products or services.

Centralized – will ask for the following information about the sacrifice to receive any of the products or services:

  1. Name of the user
  2. Password
  3. Address
  4. Phone
  5. Send an email
  6. Address of wallet
  7. shirt sizes
  8. shirt color
  9. Watch (m/f).
  10. 2fa for verifying email+ number

Eco-fi’s blockchain capability requires that you sacrifice. Unity is a way to show that you believe in the need for change. Let this voice be an environment statement. You cannot expect to profit from others’ sacrifices. A great way to make an environmental statement is to join together. You will receive a dual coin and bonus coin airdrops. Also, you’ll get a cold wallet storage device. Potential Gifting Pooling Participation program, NFTs, conference passes, and Tesla. These sacrifice points have no monetary value. As a collective effort to promote environmental awareness and make positive change, all sacrifices do not buy anything. Some countries tax the value of items received. Dual Company’s coins are designed to start with no deal, which is preferred in this field. As such, you should seek the advice of your financial and legal professionals. As of now, this environmental group will receive two coins from both Company’s partaking in this sacrifice plus a bonus coin which may change how transactions take place in the future on the chain and other services and products depending on sacrifice amounts. The items will all be delivered to the sacrifice in twelve months. Nothing is guaranteed or promised as everything is subject to change due to various reasons that are not within anyone’s control. Anybody wishing to receive products and services for their sac level must provide shirt size, shirt colour, full name, email # and address during the sacrifice. If you don’t have a DEX-style wallet, you can connect it to your wallet and offer sacrifices for one of six permitted cryptocurrencies. STM will send all products and services provided that the amount of sacrificed exceeds 8 million dollars. Sacrificing your consent to this is optional. All information subject to change without notice.




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