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The importance of volumes in decentralized exchange (dex), has increased this year. Dex apps have dealt with large to very large volumes on centralized crypto trading platforms. Uniswap capturing 71% if all Ethereum-based crypto-ex applications, Ethereum-based platforms have processed $21 Billion in the past seven day. A report by The Block Research with recently revised metrics shows that dex platforms generated $1 trillion in volume last year.

Digital Asset Report: 2021 Dex Volumes Hit New Heights

Decentralized finance (defi) has grown a great deal this year and as the end of 2021 approaches, there’s more than $250 billion of value locked in defi protocols, according to Metrics also show that Uniswap has the highest 24-hour volume of any blockchain-based dex application with $1.45 Billion today. Data shows that Uniswap holds $8.81 Billion in total value (TVL), which is less than Curve Finance’s $22.36 Billion TVL.

Below Uniswap, with $848M in 24-hour volume and 24 dex leaders is Pancakeswap. Below Pancakeswap’s 24-hour volume is Trader Joe ($453.7M), Curve ($453.1M), Sushiswap ($401M), Uniswap v2 ($380M), and Spookyswap ($185M). Just recently, The Block Research published a comprehensive 150-page report covering the “2022 Digital Asset Outlook,” and the research covers both centralized and decentralized exchange volumes.

Report: Decentralized Exchange Volume Surpasses $1 Trillion in 2021, Uniswap Leads the Pack
1-year dex volume chart via’s data.

The vice president of Research at is an example. Larry Cermak, explained in a tweet on December 16, that “The Block’s legitimate volume index, the spot volume in 2021 will surpass $14.5 trillion, which is 8 times larger than last the volume we saw last year.” Statistics from the study and a report authored by Yogita KhatriDextrade volume also showed that the volume of dex trades was over $1 trillion by 2021.

“Overall, monthly dex volume peaked in May 2021 at $162.8 billion, and the most considerable month-over-month growth was in January, with a 137.3% gain,” the 2022 Digital Asset Outlook report notes. “However, the volume has not fully recovered from the May crash, and the dex-to-centralized exchange spot volume ratio remained under 10% throughout the year.”

Report: Decentralized Exchange Volume Surpasses $1 Trillion in 2021, Uniswap Leads the Pack
All-time dex volume chart via’s data.

The report also highlights dex aggregators. Dex aggregators, such as 1inch, only account for 13.9% in total dex volumes according to the report. “1inch was the leading dex aggregator throughout the year with a market share of 64.9%, followed by 0x API (Matcha) at 16.8%,” the researchers detail. The scope of the researcher’s 2022 study delves into numerous other subjects like market performances, derivatives markets, mining revenue, on-chain volumes, stablecoins, and a summary of venture funding in 2021.

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