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Budweiser is a popular American-style pale ale that AnheuserBusch has produced since November 29th. The firm announced plans to issue a number of non-fungible token (NFT), collectibles. After the launch of the Bud-themed NFT marketplace, there are some technical difficulties for the website.

Budweiser Issues NFT Beer Can Collection — NFT Cans Give Access to the ‘Budverse’

At the end of August, the crypto community discussed the popular American beer brand Budweiser purchasing an NFT crafted by Tom Sachs called “Life of the Party.” Moreover, Budweiser also acquired the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain called “beer.eth” on August 11, 2021. Opensea records show that Budweiser paid $96,000, or 30 ether to purchase the ENS domain.

Budweiser’s Twitter account uses beer.eth for its domain name. announcedThe release of a selection 1,936 Bud-themed NFTs. “The wait is over,” the video accompanying Budweiser’s tweet said on Monday. “Own a piece of Budweiser history,” the video explains, while showing a few previews of the NFTs called “Budverse cans.” The company introduced the Budverse marketplace to the company’s fans at 1 p.m. (EST).

Budweiser NFT Web Portal is Bogged down at Launch, Core Budweiser NFT Bottles and Gold

While attempting to visit the Budweiser NFT web portal, the site seemed to be bogged down by lots of traffic, as the page gave multiple “504 Gateway Time-out” warnings after 1 p.m. After getting the site up and loaded, visitors must be 21 years or older to enter the web portal. The age of visitors is required. That section of the portal gave another “error” when checking the legal drinking age. After 15 minutes spent trying unsuccessfully to access the Budweiser NFT portal web site, finally it opened suddenly for our newsdesk at 1:06 p.m. (EST).

“Introducing Budweiser’s first-ever NFT collection: Budverse Cans Heritage Edition. Composed of 1,936 unique digital cans, representing 1936, the year of the first Budweiser can,” the Bud-centric NFT website says. “Each NFT is one of a kind and generated using archived photos, ads, and designs from throughout Budweiser’s storied history. Each NFT will act as an entry key to the Budverse, unlocking exclusive benefits, rewards and surprises for all 21+ (or legal drinking age) NFT holders.”

Budweiser Launches 1,936 NFT Cans, Bud-Themed Marketplace Gets Bogged Down With Traffic
The Budweiser series contains two NFTs.

The collection showcases 1,900 “Core NFTs,” which are generative art NFTs showcasing iconic Budweiser cans from throughout the beer company’s history. The Budweiser Core NFTs also unlock some kind of “exclusive access” and rewards from the Budverse.

The collection further has 36 super rare “Gold NFTs,” which feature the firm’s iconic heritage cans. The Budweiser website says the Gold Budweiser NFTs give VIP tickets to the “best experiences in Budverse and beyond.” Many of the Budweiser NFT cans sold out in a matter of minutes, and people will have to wait until the unique NFTs start getting listed on second-market platforms.

Budweiser isn’t the only company trying to make a mark in the metaverse by using NFTs. Arizona Iced Tea, a popular brand of beverage and tea producer, introduced NFTs in August with its Bored Ape Yacht Club crew. The fast-food giant McDonald’s recently unveiled the “McRib” non-fungible token collectible. Recent times have seen both Nike, Adidas and others move toward blockchain-backed NFTs and the metaverse.

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