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Pocketcoin is a Proof of Stake token. This can be used for decentralized advertising.com. Bastyon also offers PKOIN users special privilegesThe social network com is used to node stake.

Bastyon also offers crypto to authors for the content they createcom. And now Pocketcoin is available for purchase on https://buy.pkoin.indacoin.io/ for Visa/Mastercard through a newly announced Indacoin integration. PKOIN can also be purchased on many exchanges, including DigiFinex or Bitforex.

Bastyon’s Recent Growthcom/PKOIN Userbase

Over the last three months, Bastyon’s crypto social network has seen an exponential growth with over one hundred and thirty thousand members. Bastyon’s block explorer routinely features hundreds of transactions showing the network is gaining majortraction. Bastyon added video upload functionality to its blockchain. This allows decentralized video server owners to register on Bastyon’s blockchain and earn crypto that can be used for video storage or playback. Bastyon’s video player supports the decentralization by using peer-to-peer video sharing, thus reducing the load on servers. Bastyon videos have thousands upon thousands of views. Bastyon also tests decentralized livestreaming using PKOIN donations. This will increase demand for PKOIN as well as the value that the network creates.

Bastyon’s blockchain keeps track of reputation. Users with high reputation moderate the platform and remove any inappropriate content. Bastyon is loved by users for two reasons. First, it’s a user-controlled network. Second, all PKOIN earnings go to value creators and not the corporate entity.

New Integrations Expand PKOIN Reach & Audience

Two new partnerships have been announced that Pocketcoin (PKOIN), which can be purchased through credit cards, and 19 cryptos such as DAI, XRP and TRX. This is great news for the emerging decentralized network.

Bastyon can be thought of “Bitcoin of social networks” due to its commitment to decentralized equal nodes and complete control by the users with no centralization. Bastyon users now have two ways to purchase PKOIN. This allows them to promote their content and gain privileges such as livestreaming, video loading, and making more videos. To trade PKOIN users have had to visit Bitforex or Digifinex. However, many are still not familiar with cryptocurrency exchanges. For PKOIN, direct purchase of credit cards opens up new possibilities.

Indacoin announces extremely low PKOIN markup

Indacoin has also stated that the markup of PKOIN sales relative to exchange prices will not exceed 4.5%. Because PKOIN, which is decentralized, fulfills orders directly via the exchange. There are no corporate entities or intermediaries that must fundraise. Pocketcoin did not have an ICO. It is not a company project. Instead, Pocketcoin is a decentralized platform that aims at bringing the Bitcoin spirit into social networking.

Bastyon Launches Peer-to-Peer Exchange For PKOIN

Bastyoncom has a new social networking category, PKOIN/Peer to-Peer. Users can trade PKOIN via encrypted Bastyon chat, which allows the sending of crypto directly to their correspondents. Bastyon’s preparation of a decentralized marketplace for ads through PKOIN will allow advertisers to create their marketing campaigns and receive paid accordingly.

Summary: BastyonPocketnet’s decentralized social network protocol, com has completed its beta testing and is now experiencing a strong growth period. It added more than 130 000 users in the last three months. The network token Pocketcoin (PKOIN), which is used to boost posts, comments and advertise, is now more liquid. There are many new options for users who don’t have the necessary skills to purchase PKOIN, as well as the existing crypto exchanges that more advanced users can use to get it. These changes bode well for both Pocketcoin’s future.

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