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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (also known as AOC) is an American representative who is well-known for her political views and statements. The Democrat believes that it is “absolutely wild” that U.S. representatives can buy and swap popular stocks. AOC also thinks it’s not ethical for members of Congress to own cryptocurrencies.

AOC Doesn’t Hold Crypto Because She Wants to ‘Remain Impartial’

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a lawmaker from New York (AOC), spoke out about bitcoin (BTC), in an Instagram Story she posted on Monday. AOC explained that she doesn’t believe members of Congress should own stocks and the same morality applies to digital currencies in her opinion. During her Instagram story, AOC said she doesn’t hold BTC because she wants to remain impartial and an unbiased lawmaker.

“Because we have access to sensitive information and upcoming policy, I do not believe members of Congress should hold [or] trade individual stocks and I choose not to hold any so I can remain impartial about policy marking,” AOC insisted on Instagram. “I also extend that to digital assets/currencies (especially because I sit on the Financial Services Committee). So the answer is no because I want to do my job as ethically and impartially as I can,” AOC further stressed in her Instagram story.

In 2017 AOC Said She Wasn’t Sure ‘About FEC Laws Regarding Crypto’

AOC was established in December 2017 almost four years ago. askedShe could accept bitcoin if it was after she tweetedAbout a fundraising campaign in that year. “Not [until] Actblue does,” AOC saidat the moment. “Also I’m not sure about FEC laws regarding crypto. Good question,” she added. “Sadly reporting this info is law and must be collected, even with cash donations,” AOC continued on Twitter. “It’s unfortunate that our campaign finance laws demand more stringent reporting of regular small donors than they do from Superpacs.”

In recent times, AOC has started ferocious debates over her “Tax the Rich” Met Gala dress. Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Talib and Rashida Tlaib tried to convince Joe Biden not to pick Jerome Powell as the Federal Reserve’s leader. Biden eventually chose Powell. However, AOC demanded that the U.S. president select a Fed chair to address the social problem and climate change.

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