Actor Jordi Mollà to Launch New NFT Collection on December 08

Fresh off the sale of his “I will flood you with my flowers” NFT, artist and actor Jordi Mollà is renewing his affiliation with Raini and Krew Studios.

Mollà, whose on-screen credits include Jack Ryan, Blow and Bad Boys II, is joining forces with the NFT platform and creative studio to conduct an NFT drop called Masks. A range of exclusive digital masks are featured in the collection, which is based upon a carefully hand-painted collection by the Spanish artist. Drop date: December 8.

Demystifying Mollà’s Masks

As an actor, Mollà has worn many faces and the collection was influenced by the personas and characters we all inhabit in our daily interactions with the world. The collection includes approximately 10,000 masks that have been 3D-recreated, animated, and tokenized. A portion of the coins will be redeemable for physical or digital redemption. On Wednesday, December 8, at 8 PM UTC, the mint will be available for presale. A public sale follows from 10 AM UTC.

The winner of Mollà’s previous work automatically gained five whitelist spots for the latest collection, as well as an invite to a swish NFT event that is being hosted by Krew Studios on December 4. The Art Basel show in Miami Beach, which is part of the city’s annual Art Week, will educate attendees on the various ways in which Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) tech are being integrated into the upcoming drop.

Krew Studios, a new NFT launchpad is actively seeking exclusive gallery and artist partnerships. This partnership seeks to bridge between digital and physical art. In advance of the Masks release, 50 Members Only passes were distributed by the Studio to community members. They allow them to have access to the upcoming Krew drop and other events, including the Masks party, community voting, as well as airdrops.

As well as 50 such golden tickets, 1,000 of the Studio’s Discord members have also been whitelisted for the Masks NFT sale. Krew has made it clear that they want the public to sign up for Discord to gain their whitelist privileges.

Raini, whose products include yield farming, a play-to-earn trading card game, and a curated NFT launchpad and marketplace, is also furnishing its token stakers with special access to the sale: some 500 mask NFTs will be made available to those who supply liquidity or stake $RAINI via the platform’s Unicorn and Rainbow pools.

Art World Disruption

There are still synergies among the art and NFT worlds. Some commentators wonder if Quarter 3 ($10.7 Billion) of trade volume will be exceeded in Quarter 4.

Blockchain’s disruptive influence on the traditional art market has been one of the year’s biggest stories, bringing works to the attention of a broader demographic of buyers while providing a tangible use case for distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Back in March, digital creator Beeple became the third richest living artist after selling his tokenized work The First 5,000 Days for $69 million at Christie’s. It attracted unprecedented attention to NFT markets from billionaire art collectors and groups, as well artists who wanted to transfer their artistic talents to blockchain.



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