Hololoot Is Redefining The Metaverse Using Augmented Reality

As a growing industry, the metaverse needs to be fed. New technologies have been introduced into the metaverse, which combine AR/VR with novel technologies to provide an immersive experience to users.

Many of these projects won’t survive in the coming years, as the industry changes. Some projects, however, have demonstrated promising futures. Hololoot is one such project.

Hololoot Cloud has made it easy for anyone to use the product, regardless of their level or skill. For Hololoot, the metaverse isn’t just games and virtual lands but innovation at every level. Hololoot blends the innovations of blockchain with AR (Augmented Reality), to provide one of most desired solutions in the area.

Augmenting The Metaverse

Although the metaverse was innovative and has grown from an industry barely known to be worth billions, developers and creators in this space tend to focus on a few niches. There is little beyond the Play-to-Earn games (P2E), and there are many who want to be part of virtual reality real estate. Hololoot, as such has set out to discover new areas of the metaverse.

Hololoot uses AR to do this. Hololoot has chosen to use AR instead of VR (Virtual Reality), like so many others. Hololoot uses AR to integrate into the blockchain metaverse. This eliminates all limitations and bottlenecks in VR, such as the expensive VR headsets and headphones required for an immersive experience.

Integration of NFTs and AR

One of Hololoot’s key selling points is the ability to create AR assets and bring them into the metaverse. The app allows users to create and delete digital assets without any technical knowledge. Hololoot is a product that doesn’t require any code and allows users to make whatever they like.

Hololoot Cloud lets users quickly and easily create AR-enabled assets for NFT using a 3D model uploaded to the platform. This could include animated models or game assets. No matter the reason, AR NFTs can be quickly created using 3D models. This will save users a lot time. It’s a self-service model that is controlled by the user.

Hololoot’s users are also not subjected to any restrictions when they create their NFTs. Because location and geography do not matter, AR assets that are location-based have been recognized as an amazing development in this space. Hololoot makes it easy to create NFTs quickly and efficiently.

Hololoot Gets Ready For The Future

Hololoot’s project has been positively received by the metaverse community. It raised over $2.75 million during its pre-sale round. This has allowed it to grow its team, and put them in a better place for future success. The project secured three launchpads – Enjinstarter, Synapse.network, and Seedify – and is in talks with various gaming projects including Nakamoto Games, Bloktopia, Age of Rust, and more. Hololoot also has partnered Enjin to provide its marketplace, and ScottyBeam to offer NFT teleportation.

As it pursues its Cloud computing efforts with AR, Machine Learning and 3D animations alongside QA testing and performance testing, the future looks bright for this project. The company is growing its workforce and has an impressive marketing plan.


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