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PRESS RELEASE. DemandCircle is delighted to announce the official launch of Eunoia, Web 3.0’s very own decentralized business knowledge platform. With the goal of bringing industry professionals together in expertise-centric communities, Eunoia incentivises meaningful participation with rewards in the platform’s native token. Eunoia’s end goal is to become a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) whereby the community members can guide the evolution of the platform towards a native web3.0 knowledge sharing community for business professionals.

Web 3.0 and the Eunoia’s Vision

Eunoia, which is an initiative to bring those values into the business information domain, is founded on inclusion, open participation and permissionless design.

The human experience of sharing information is essential. Technological advances have made it easier to share ideas and increase their speed. It is still difficult to promote a coherent, thoughtful discourse.

Existing centralized platforms can be unfocused, and the user experience comes second to the company’s profit. With Web 3.0’s promise of self-governance and users owning their own data, this engagement and development can now be incentivized with tokenomics. Tokenomics can instantly reward knowledge sharing. The community benefits greatly.

The word Eunoia was first used to describe the feeling of mutual goodwill between speakers and their audience. While the media of conversation has evolved from antiquity’s agoras to Web 3.0’s decentralized knowledge forums, trust still remains a necessity. Eunoia hopes to build trust and cooperation among members of the community by leaving the management of the platform in the hands the members.

Tokenomics allows knowledge sharing

Eunoia is an open platform that allows everyone to start on equal terms. Each user receives a 100-point welcome gift. Users can then increase their reputation score through their contribution to the platform, along with getting rewarded in Eunoia’s native token. These mechanisms are available to content curators, commenters and users who have well-received insight. This results in an increase of reputation and tokens.

Interest-specific communities on Eunoia are called ‘channels’ and those who create and manage these also stand to earn. Channel members can share their information through specialized information pools, which will reduce unnecessary information and spam.

With the Eunoia community growing, so does the token value. Initially, the platform will remain under the control of the founder team. However, the community will gradually take the lead in governance by voting. A core component of governance for community governance is the reputation score.

– Reputation core will form an essential part of voting and proposing resolutions within the platform’s DAO mechanism.

– Contribute more to the ecosystem and gain a better reputation score for your efforts.

– Active members within the community have a higher say in the platform’s development.

Knowledge channels

Any participant on Eunoia can create and manage their own channel in the near future, but as of now the founding team will create & manage channels. Channels, which are focused on specific topics in the industry, reduce spam and information overload. Current users lead discussion by posting text and linking to documents. There is native integration for video and live-streaming in the development roadmap. Eunoia will show how communication takes place within the Web 3.0 area, and refine all its best features to help professionals.

More about DemandCircle

DemandCircle’s years of expertise in bringing together businesses and creating innovative solutions stands as a foundational reason for the evolution of Eunoia. DemandCircle assists leading enterprises in developing their sales channels by creating opportunities around the world. Eunioa emerged from observations on the changing nature of professional content demand and is now geared towards peer to peer knowledge sharing. Register with your email address to join the evolving new model for professional knowledge sharing.

You can join our growing community of investors, think leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and innovators from all over the globe to get insight and experience life on the cutting edge. The power to govern how this platform develops rests in your hands, with a truly democratic vote-based system linked to one’s contributions within these discussion spaces. Earn by contributing your knowledge to Web 3.0 and becoming a part of The New Internet of Value.







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