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Interpol (the International Criminal Police Organization) has launched the first ever police metaverse experience. It allows users to view the Lyon office of Interpol and provides training opportunities in different areas.

Interpol launches Meta World

It is not just being exploited to achieve commercial or recreational goals, but also for metaverse-related purposes. Interpol, an International Criminal Police Organization has revealed the launch of what they claim to be the first ever police-focused metaverse experience during its 90th General Assembly.

This experience will help to enforce law globally and allow Interpol members to explore the metaverse in various forms. Madan Oberoi (executive director for technology and innovation at Interpol) stated that this is crucial to the future of virtual-world policing. Oberoi said:

With the potential for transforming every facet of daily life, the metaverse can have huge consequences for law enforcement. Police must first experience the metaverse in order to fully comprehend it.

Interpol is concerned by the possibility of new crimes in the metaverse. This includes crimes against children as well as financial fraud and money laundering. This presents a major challenge to Interpol because these crimes can be committed in different manners than they are in the real world.

The World Economic Forum also raised concerns regarding the safety of youth in the metaverse. It made suggestions about maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

Education: An educational approach

However, there is another function that Interpol’s metaverse also aims to provide. It allows police officers from all corners of the globe to be instructed remotely via a single hub. According to the institution, remote training can make the experience more engaging and immersive for students.

Interpol demonstrated these capabilities live by delivering a training course in travel document verification, passenger screening, and virtual transportation to an airport.

In the future, remote learning is likely to include metaverse-powered virtual learning apps. A survey presented by Ipsos in May revealed that 66% of those surveyed expect metaverse-powered virtual learning apps to “significantly change” people’s lives in the next ten years, a higher number than those indicating entertainment and virtual work would do so.

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