XRI Just Revealed That Jasmycoin Will Be Available For Purchase At The SAKURA NFT Platform

XRI, a blockchain-based cloud computing infrastructure that is decentralized, has announced JasmyCoin as a native cryptocurrency asset to data security and sharing. It will now be listed on Sakura NFT’s marketplace. JasmyCoin’s listing in the marketplace is an addition to the rapidly-growing Sakura ecosystem, which has seen astronomical growth ever since it was launched.

Jasmy Incorporated created JasmyCoin, a native cryptocurrency. It was founded in 2016 by an ex-CEO of Sony Corporation. When users submit their data to Jasmy IoT, the token will be distributed. These tokens can be used in many ways. The collaboration aims to broaden and expand the ecosystems of all parties.

Sakura leads NFT Adoption in Japan with a number of Collaborations

Sakura, a Japanese NFT market place is an online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell rare, exclusive NFTs. It is designed for famous people and celebrities as well as aspiring creators that want to share photos, videos and other content with the rest of the world. Sakura is a brand platform that promotes the growth and acceptance of Japanese non-fungible tokens.

Sakura NFT is bringing tokenized JasmyCoin to the fast-growing Jasmy ecosystem as Jasmy aims to realize “data democratization,” by decentralizing the management of personal data through the “Jasmy IoT Platform,” and the issuance of proof of value exchange and payment for various services. Jasmy’s services can be used for many purposes.

Decentralized cloud computing infrastructure XRI,  is working on the development of the SAKURA NFT Platform,  XRI is a project that intends to deliver decentralized infrastructure to individual Internet users in order to act as the nexus between blockchain technology and the world’s data.

Sakura is also allied with Ai Miura who was the first Japanese female to win Formula 3 races. Ai Miura won the FIA Solar Car Race Suzuka as well the KYOJO Cup and VCR Vita. Sakura’s most recent partnership, with JasmyCoin, joins a long list of past collaborations.

Sakura NFT platform is unique in the fact that it integrates the golden standard concept into its creation of rare, one-of-a kind NFTs. Sakura wants to change the way NFTs get valued. To this end, Sakura has collaborated with Arca Degussa to establish the world’s first gold distribution system in order to make this a reality.

NFTs may be mainstreamed, but their inextricable connection to the crypto market means that they can still fluctuate. Sakura’s innovative solution will add gold to NFTs, which will stabilize the Sakura NFTs’ price. This will be an important step forward for NFT and could lead to more innovations. Sakura seizes every chance to make itself mainstream.

About XRI – A Decentralized Cloud Computing Platform

XRI is on a mission to deliver decentralized infrastructure to individual Internet users to act as the nexus between blockchain technology and the world’s data. XRI is assembling Oracle cloud computing system, a distributed cloud computing system that allows for users-powered interoperability with the off-chain world, smart contracts and individual data self-sovereignty. XRI will bring enterprise solutions to data markets and solve many of the problems that threaten the sector.

XRI Decentralized Storage (XRDS) is built on individual data sovereignty and a multicloud decentralized management philosophy. XRDS provides cost-effective solutions for problems that centralized storage systems cannot solve. Sakura currently uses XRI cloud services to host NFT markets and offer fast, efficient services.

The XRI platform will allow developers to access popular libraries and build their blockchain applications using existing programming languages. A global login will be provided to users that doesn’t require passwords and includes an encrypted disk. Users can also migrate data to other software.



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