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The first WebGL, AAA-level and Play-to Earn, NFT, MMORPG, SIDUS HEROES game was created by an established tech company that has 200+ employees and many successful projects. It is set in space, where technology has advanced to the point of merging all living creatures. All characters belong to one of several blockchain races and embody that chain’s strongest attributes. Users can choose from a variety of gaming options, including interstellar exploration and battles as well as settlements and opportunities for economic, political and social development.

Introduction and Specifications

SIDUSHEROES uses a WebGL-based gaming engine. It enables HD rendering with compatible web browsers. Users don’t need to download any applications onto their PCs or phones, wait for the game to download, install updates or bother about storage. Players can simply enter the game’s URL and the game is restored from the metadata that’s held with their profile, stored on an NFT.

SIDUS is one of the most important collaborations in NFT. The idea was supported by dozens of experts from many different fields, as well as their supporter.

Babylon.js is a JavaScript cross-browser platform that utilizes WebGL APIs. The SIDUS HEROES graphics engine uses Babylon.js. SIDUS’s team takes advantage of all that the framework has to offer and adds unique materials and software-to-software pipelines in order to make models.

SIDUS HEROES launched a demo version (pre-alpha v0.01) of the game. This can be found at

They will release the beta closed version of SIDUS HEROES on January 10, 2022. The Genesis Collection NFT Heroes NFT holders will have access to this beta version.

A public beta version will be released on January 23rd, 2022. Holders of NFTs in the Genesis or Academy collections will have access to the SIDUS HEROES video game. In the middle of December 2020, the Academy collection will go on sale.

Play Browser Games, What’s the Deal?

As a player in an environment that is pampered by powerful computers and professional gaming consoles, it was not surprising to find myself downloading randomly selected 100GB games from Steam. These are the normal. That’s why I couldn’t really believe what I was seeing here is a browser game.

Seriously? What is the point of browsing browser games? I can only remember tiny, pixelated versions embedded in my social media feeds and low-resolution card games such as poker. I went to the official website of SIDUS, clicked on that small “demo” tab, and the pre-alpha game demo was loaded, just like that. My weak laptop only allowed me to load it at 15fps. Even so, the result is still quite impressive.

This demo took place in an alien spaceship, or power station. There were metal structures around. A small arena was located in the middle of the space. From different directions, metal bridges link the outer rim and the central arena. The floor is illuminated by moving shadows and the blue-and-yellow flashing lights that come from high up. Under the central arena, a large rotating wheel reveals an impressive power source. You can access all of these amazing features by simply opening a browser tab.

After a brief demonstration, my character was able move around the area. I also collected another team member, assigned stat points to four areas: strength, stamina agility, perception, and perception, and started a battle against two alien soldiers.

Playing Around With the SIDUS HEROES Demo Left Me in Great Anticipation for the Game Release in January
Am I the only one paying attention to my hero’s shadow?

NFTs in the SIDUS NFT Heroes collection can be used as entrance tickets for the game. The NFTs from the SIDUS NFT Heroes collection will be used to create gaming characters.

It was amazing to behold the beautiful and elegant SIDUS NFT Heroes collection. Each one of them looks like Klimt’s world-famous painting, “The Kiss,” with bright, contrasting colors, bizarre yet powerful outfits with lots of details and mixed textures, and the backdrop of a totally alien planet full of mystery and temptation. These NFT illustrations are what I want to frame and hang on the wall of my office. Excited to get one for myself, I clicked over to Opensea and saw the price tag — already too rich for my blood.

Playing Around With the SIDUS HEROES Demo Left Me in Great Anticipation for the Game Release in January

Oh, Heroes!

There are over 6,000 characters included in the original SIDUS NFT Heroes Collection. It turns out that I was already aware of this. It’s fun to see that the heroes on display all hold a Spock-style “live long and prosper” hand gesture (albeit with the left hand). This style is very appealing to me. It’s a combination of the sharpness of science fiction and the softness of a canvas painting, which make the characters look like (very expensive) superhero comics.

Playing Around With the SIDUS HEROES Demo Left Me in Great Anticipation for the Game Release in January
“Live long and prosper”

It is clear that the NFT heroes’ creators invested a great deal in customization and variety of characters. OpenSea’s The SIDUX: NFT Heroes are able to have 13 unique traits that make them as distinctive as possible. That’s why when I scrolled down the long list of heroes, I didn’t get any repetitive feeling as if they were mass-produced, template-generated characters.

There are 13 different traits: background has 133 choices; clothes have 152 options and planet offers 102. Even the skin is available in 262 variations. The unusual number of options and traits contributes greatly to each character’s richness: From a six-eyed alien with wings and feathers and standing on a velvet world of high-rise skyscrapers to an alien woman with blue skull and toxic spider on her helmet and holding a mysterious rosy potion, to a seven-eyed alien with wings and feathers and standing on a desert planet with meteors rising from the night sky, to a blue-skinned alien with a poison

Playing Around With the SIDUS HEROES Demo Left Me in Great Anticipation for the Game Release in January

It is hilarious to see the background of these heroes: 12 different blockchain planetary system residents live in the city of Sidus: Bitcoione. Etheredus. Binaxima Sentauri Cybele. Solantrum. Polkacyon. Cardaggar. Tronguan. Ripplatan Centricus. and Cosmernicus. Already the names show the diversity and solidarity of the blockchain-game metaverse. I actually went through the entire list of planetary systems just to check if there is a blockchain planetary system called “Dogeconia”. It there is, I would love to see it in my game.

You can build your team, fight with friends, join a league or guild politics, trade, farm, raise pets, and participate in other actions. What draws me most about the metaverse is the exploration of it: travelling through different universes, learning their cultures, and visiting other star systems. Each player is sure to find something that interests them and enjoy playing in this metaverse game. And I hope the one-on-one duel will not kill a character — after all, each one is worth a small fortune.

Now I’m very excited for the game release in January and the launch of Academy collection.

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