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The year 2021 has come to an abrupt halt and it is time for a new one. If you’ve ever considered getting a very unconventional, extremely trendy, and totally unforgettable Christmas gift for your loved ones, NFT artworks can be a great option. You can be sure that it will arrive before your holiday arrives if you order one today.

For Gen Z Investors, NFT Art is the New Gold

While it is not clear if NFT art is suitable for Gen Z, we can see that more Gen Z NFT artists around the globe have been eager to embrace the technology and to make their art monetizable via blockchain. This happened even before many institutional investors of the generation of millennials understood NFTs and why they are important.

NFT art is first and foremost — art. If you see the representation of the creator’s mind and find beauty in a piece, it has aesthetic value for your personal collection. And unlike traditional art that you mostly see in galleries, museums, auction houses — or on their websites — NFT art is more accessible on web 3.0 (Web3) and more tradable.

The NFTs can be a great option for personal investments and collections if you love art. NFTs are a wonderful gift idea for Christmas 2021. They can also be used to surprise your NFT-loving friends, or introduce you to the world in metaverse.

The Metaverse Future: A Lottery Ticket

In the “good old days”, when people selected gifts for their loved ones to celebrate important holidays or anniversaries, what they considered to really hold value were objects such as expensive jewelry, luxurious watches, or simply, diamonds and gold. It’s a big question mark whether these traditional investments of expensive and rare items as gifts still hold much value when the fiat world is already so unstable. Consider an alternative gift, which might have greater value in the metaverse-oriented future: NFTs.

Of course, an NFT piece of jewelry or a luxurious watch in a metaverse game might not be worth a lot of money (depending on the game and the popularity of the asset), but it’s a lottery ticket that gives you a small foot in the door of the metaverse future. NFT investments can have many options in the metaverse.

You might think about gifting land to your family members in Decentraland and The Sandbox if you’re very wealthy. You might consider buying a NFT hero for your friend if you are passionate about MMORPGs. A piece of NFT art that expresses your love will suffice if you aren’t interested in metaverse gaming or other metaverse experiences.

It is obvious that those who were able to understand the potential of Cryptopunks are happy now. It is tempting to judge a profile pic that has so many pixels (think Cryptopunks) and dismiss it as a fraud. Many people believe this is only the beginning of NFTs and metaverses. If there is only a ten percent chance this world will come, I wouldn’t mind spending a few hundred dollars (or even much less) on a newly-released NFT artwork that shows great potential to survive and thrive. Do you remember that old, faded baseball card your grandfather kept in his bottom drawer? There’s a chance these “silly” pieces of art could skyrocket in value like that child’s Mickey Mantle card.

The NFT is a great way to invite family and friends to the Crypto Metaverse

It’s highly likely that your loved ones have already heard of the terms blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse. It’s also likely that they don’t really understand what these are or how they work. It is possible to buy them an NFT Christmas gift to help ease their transition to the crypto-decentralized world.

To allow them to get the gift, first guide them on how to install and download an NFT-supporting app for their smartphone. Then, explain how the wallet works. In principle, it’s not that different from helping them open a cryptocurrency wallet and just sending them some coins. However, giving someone a piece of digital art will be perceived as more appropriate for a holiday gift and less like “homework” from someone that wants to teach you about their favorite financial technology.

They will receive their NFT Christmas present after setting up the wallet. If it’s an NFT asset that can be used in a game, such as land from The Sandbox, a super cool hat for the avatar in Decentraland, or three Axie characters from Axie Infinity, even better. You can help them to create a metaverse account so they can play the game using their NFT assets.

However, it is very important to emphasize how valuable these assets are both in the metaverse and in our reality to make sure they don’t “spend” them accidentally or exchange them for assets that will devalue quickly.

Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club are not the only good options.

You are now ready to use your cryptocurrency wallet to pay for Christmas presents for loved ones. If you are shocked at how much NFTS are worth today, as compared to a few days or months ago, don’t worry. Some people can’t afford Cryptopunks and BAYC. If you don’t have a lot of money, then we are already late to the party. But it’s not too late to start. Other options are available to you.

Rarible, OpenSea and Rarity are the main NFT art platforms. Every day, new marketplaces that allow people to trade and buy NFT assets are being created. Look through the marketplaces to find something that appeals to you, your family, and your cryptocurrency wallet. Perhaps your family will be able to enjoy a two-week trip to Europe with your NFT investment next Christmas. All-inclusive.

What would you do to buy a NFT gift for someone special? Please leave a comment below.



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