Which NFT Tokens Can Replace Famous Pixel Heroes

LarvaLabs launched pixel cryptopunks, which exploded the NFT marketplace in the early part of 2021. The price of some tokens hit $8 million, with pixel images depicting heroes selling almost immediately. The most widely used NFT collection today is cryptopunks. It is not known how long the tokens will remain at the top. These tokens are now being replaced with more technologically advanced NFTs, which can generate revenue for GameFi owners. These are the most popular NFT tokens, which can knock cryptopunks off of the pedestal.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

With weekly sales in excess of $33million, Bored Monkey NFT coins have the second highest trading volume. NFT tokens, which are created on Ethereum Blockchain, allow bored monkeys to keep their place in the virtual club. It promises that the company will present a new roadmap in the near future to help plan the company’s future development strategies. The cards’ value remains controversial. Resale may provide the sole source of income. More than 672,000 tokens were sold in the first year.


The CryptoBots NFT token is unique and has a fascinating history. In 2017, the first pictures of bots were published. Playneta’s developers created the smart contract. It was the first smart contract in the Play2Earn games. In parallel, over 9,000 tokens of cryptobots were issued and sold via the Ethereum blockchain. The developers moved on to other projects and cryptobots was created as an independent project with the help of the community. Over 1,900 token-owners are available from around the world, with NFT starting at 0.11 ETH. The developer recently announced that cryptobots will be resumed and that a new NFT series would be released. Now, the focus will now be on using tokens in GameFi and adding cryptobots to Play2Earn. Users will be able to earn income through the use NFTs. Discord subscribers can receive the latest news on the project’s development.


A second collection of Pixel Monkeys is already popular among users. This NFT token’s weekly trading volume exceeds $10 million. According to the developers’ idea, pixel monkeys will live on a separate island in the SAND metaverse, and users will be able to upgrade their heroes by purchasing additional equipment and accessories. Token holders will also be able exchange artifacts and make them available for sale in the SAND store. The developers have created a fun and simple game that allows users to earn cryptocurrency.


Another creation by LavraLabs is Meebits. They didn’t look at new implementations of NFT but just copied the existing collection. Each token is generated using a computer algorithm. We don’t know how these tokens will be used or what practical value they provide to holders. The developers have so far not made any comments on this issue.


NFT is constantly evolving. While exclusive tokens, works of art and other tokens were once in great demand, today’s NFT tokens are more practical and can generate profits. NFT tokens that operate in the GameFi industry have many of these characteristics. Today, it’s worth paying more attention to NFT tokens operating in the Play2Earn segment.

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