What’s Beef? Reviewing The Historic Battle Of Ethereum vs. Cardano

Every sport has its rivals. In basketball, it’s the Lakers and the Celtics, in boxing we’ve seen the likes of Furry vs Wilder, and in hip-hop, we often hear about Nas vs Jay-Z. We have today a melting pot in crypto, where all types of herbs are used to create a recipe for beef.

Cardano, Ethereum, and Ethereum are two of the most well-known blockchains. Let’s take a look into the history of these blockchain giants.

What’s Beef: The History Of Ethereum and Cardano’s Connection

These two big dogs have a lot in common, and plenty of differences too – but the overall goal is to be on top of the blockchain in the end.

Ethereum was designed to be a platform open-source for global custom assets and other economic applications. Ethereum is a blockchain project that has been considered one of the most innovative. It aims to use blockchain technology to create products and services across a range of uses, beyond just money. Ethereum has been through several distinct phases so far that they have highlighted different parts of their capabilities. Ethereum was the #2 crypto player behind Bitcoin in 2021.

Cardano’s primary use case is to allow transactions in it’s native cryptocurrency, ADA, and to enable developers to build secure decentralized applications powered by it. Cardano, however, is different from most blockchain projects because it uses a research-driven approach in design. It hopes to attain an academic rigor that will help to accelerate adoption.

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Invisible Strings & A Forgotten Past…

Charles Hoskinson was the founder of Cardano. He began his journey on blockchain in 2013. He founded an online school, called the Bitcoin Education Project, where he stumbled upon Ethereum’s own Vitalik Buterin. He was one of eight co-founders who founded Ethereum. Charles left Ethereum in 2014 after some disagreement over Ethereum’s future profitability.

Charles’ departure from Ethereum isn’t what makes this a beef, it’s how ADA promoted Ethereum. Dubbed the “Ethereum-killer,” ADA made a name for itself for quite some time as the coin to look out for. Many investors have been waiting for Cardano to take the thrown, but Ethereum has just stayed elating and on the rise – despite obstacles such as high gas fees.

The early success of Ethereum has been a blessing. This helped to cement the platform’s position today. Problem with ADA? The large number of staging drops and frozen contracts. They face a challenge of getting over this hurdle so that they can do the things many of us have waited to achieve.

ADA offers many exciting ideas, as well as contracts that could improve the cryptocurrency. Both ADA and ETH continue to have beef, but other emerging tokens have challenged ADA’s position lately as well.

These two coins were hot subjects and are coins worth watching throughout the year. Both reached all-time highs despite all this. We will see who goes and who stays in the coming years. It will be an exciting year. What’s beef!?

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