Web3 Wellness Platform Amino Celebrates Historic Career of Four-Time NBA Champion Klay Thompson in Inaugural Drop of the GRAILS NFT Collection

As the first drop in a series of NFT launches, the collection will be available on Binance NFT to celebrate the amazing careers and accomplishments of some of the world’s most recognizable athletes

Amino, a new platform that is bringing health and fitness into Web3, has announced it is launching a new NFT collection to celebrate the incredible career of Klay Thompson, one of the famous “Splash Brothers” of the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors are the reigning champions of the NBA, and this collection features unique artworks from Klay Thompson’s 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2022 championship runs with the Warriors.

Amino CEO Andrew Shore stated in a statement, that Binance NFT is the ideal platform for the GRAILS launch. “Klay Thompson is a globally-recognized and beloved NBA superstar, and we are extremely excited to be kicking off our partnership with Klay’s NFT collection on Binance NFT to allow fans to be part of and experience his most iconic career moments in new and innovative ways,” he said.

Amino claims it brings health and wellbeing to Web3 as well as user engagement through NFTs. That is why the recognition of successful superstars is an important part of the company’s vision, Shore explained.

Binance NFT makes use of Mystery Boxes to meet customer demand for high-end NFT drops. The Binance NFT Marketplace is the only place to purchase these drops. On October 18, 2022, the Klay Thompson Collection drop will go live. You can purchase 10,000 Mystery Boxes starting at $50 per box.

Some of these NFTs may include Klay Thompson exclusive memorabilia depending on their rarity or exclusivity. These can range from autographed basketballs and jerseys to photographs to live experiences, in-person access to events, and other high-demand offerings.

Amino’s 30 NFT collections will feature iconic athletes in a wide range of sports. The drops include NFTs which can unlock rare experiences or memorabilia. These NFTs will help users connect not only to Web3 experience but also to in-person and real-world items.

You can also follow the Klay Thompson GRAILS drops on Twitter @aminorewardsAnd @thebinanceNFT. Amino claims that the new collection will include future athletes and drops. Amino is a Web3 health and wellness ecosystem.  It has a unique suite of personal fitness apps, premier athlete NFTs and Metaverse gaming for users to earn by staying active and “being the best version of themselves”.

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